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Monday, 4 February 2013

4 February 2013. Ray Velencia Passing Himself Off as Priest in Good Standing… OCA Holy Synod Should Slap Him Down and Slap Down Fathausen as Well

00 Fat Cat Security Company. 04.02.13


One of the Cabinet got me a PDF copy of the GOAA parish bulletin in Baltimore MD. It seems that Sir Ray is passing himself off as a priest in good standing. Click here for the proof, it’s on page 5. This means that the GOAA is allowing a suspended OCA priest to act as a priest in good standing. That’s a serious matter. The OCA Holy Synod should first protest to the GOAA, that they allowed a suspended priest (a priest whom they knew was suspended) to prance about in clericals and to call himself “Father”. This is obscene. Then, the OCA Holy Synod should defrock Raymond Velencia for acting as a priest whilst under suspension. That’s not allowed… the ROCOR Holy Synod shitcanned Podmoshensky for doing just that. It should demote Fatty to the priesthood, for having allowed Velencia to sue a priest in good standing. Most of all, it should alert the Centre to the fact that the EP‘s playing games again.

This is an abomination. How much more of this shall we have to endure?




4 February 2013. A Bit More on St Timothy Before I Go…

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As we all know, St Timothy was the protégé of the Apostle, St Paul. Click here for the Second Epistle of St Paul to Timothy, in the AV text. There’s nothing to add to that, in my view.


4 February 2013. Happy Nameday to All You Tims Out There!

00 Timothy the Cat. 04.02.13


Happy Nameday to all you Tims out there… I have a couple in my life… love ya, guys! Have a good one and hoist one for me!

Hа многая лета!



Outspoken Zhirinovsky Hit with “Cabbage Salad Bomb”



On Monday, in the Ukraine, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the outspoken leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, was plastered with cabbage salad during a press conference in Kiev. RIA-Novosti reported that a woman in the hall stood up and tossed marinated cabbage salad at Zhirinovsky, calling him a “Ukrainophobe”. Zhirinovsky, obviously caught off guard by the flying cabbage, demanded to know where his security was and that he wanted them to “remove that schizophrenic woman”. The journalists at the press conference translated from Ukrainian into Russian what the woman yelled to Zhirinovsky, but he didn’t entirely understand the neologism “Ukrainophobe”. When people told him that the term meant that he “doesn’t love the Ukraine”, Zhirinovsky didn’t agree, saying, “There isn’t a milligram of anti-Ukrainian feelings in Russia“. Zhirinovsky said that he’s always called for and still calls for “friendly neighbourly relations between the two countries”. After security removed the cabbage-wielding woman from the hall, the press conference continued.

28 January 2013

Moscow News



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