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Thursday, 7 February 2013

7 February 2013. Breaking News… Bobby K Apparently Out in Venice FL…WHY?

01 Kicked Out


Apparently, Bobby K has gotten le sabot as “parish administrator” in Venice FL. A Cabinet member asked:

  • Who dismissed him?
  • Why was he dismissed?
  • Why has law enforcement been called in?

Right now, except for the fact that Bobby’s been shitcanned, there’s NOTHING out there of substance. There’s PLENTY of rumour buzzing about, but no one knows the real deal. I’ve got my feelers out, but I’ve gotten no solid leads, yet. It wouldn’t surprise any of us to find out that Lyonyo’s behind this, as Lyonyo and Bobby have feuded for years, and Lyonyo resented the fact that Bobby whipped his ass in the Chancellor election (if I had to choose between Bobby and Lyonyo, honestly, I’d pick Bobby). Does this have to do with Bobby’s son’s troubles with John Law? Or, is it the old credit card kiting coming to haunt Bobby? NO ONE KNOWS. Therefore, let’s all sit back and relax for a while… the real intel will come in, and, in real-world terms, in VERY short order. We’ll have a good handle on the story before Sunday, that’s for certain. Don’t uncork the bubbly yet… all that we know is that Bobby’s out, nothing more. Be cool…



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