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Thursday, 7 February 2013

7 February 2013. Roddy Dreher Opens Mouth… Inserts Foot

01 open mouth insert foot


This is the latest drivel from Rod Dreher. I’m not going to refute it… it’s utter inanity from stem to stern. Rod Dreher is an absolute ignoranus (not a misspelling) who doesn’t have the slightest notion of what Orthodoxy or the Orthosphere is all about. The same is true of his pal, Freddie M-G… she’s even more ignorant than Dreher is… anyone who can’t tell the difference between a real Orthodox Christian and a Uniate charlatan is no Orthodox Christian in their heart-of-hearts. She’s never converted from Anglicanism. Oh, yes… Roddy should lay off the RCs… it’s not his fight. It’s unseemly, unfair, and nasty to boot. Then, again, he’s only acting like his new mentor Potapov… it only proves that Sir Roddie’s one of the poorest judges of character around (his last “mentor” was the questionable Dmitri Royster… I wonder how long the present infatuation will last).

Ho hum… but it’s there if you wish to read it. It’s a “Hank Leaf” special (all readers of the Orthodox Forum know what I mean… mean-spirited and ignorant). I can smell Roddy’s full nappies from here… P.U!



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