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Friday, 8 February 2013

8 February 2013. Just In From the Cabinet: Bobby Accused of Embezzling… Parish has Restraining Order

Arkady Areseniev. Thieves Should Be Put in Prison. 2004

Thieves Should be Put in Prison

Arkady Areseniev



One of the Cabinet informed me:

RSK was accused of embezzling 54K [54,000 USD (1.63 million Roubles. 40,400 Euros. 34,100 UK Pounds)] from the Venice parish and the church has a restraining order prohibiting his entrance on the property.

That sounds like the Bobby K that we all know and love. It sounds like Lyonyo’s won the last round. This time, he won’t have JP or Herman to protect him… and Tosi (being the self-serving coward that he is) will do nothing, for fear of offending Lyonyo. Will the OCA H/S make Bobby walk the plank and cop a plea? Will the OCA H/S defrock him? Will the OCA H/S take care of JP and Sir Ray as well? JP’s still under their jurisdiction… the Centre’s been “considering” JP’s case since late December, and nothing’s happened. NOTHING. However, here’s a possible scenario:

The OCA H/S would depose JP from the episcopate for refusing to require Sir Ray to follow the canons and file a complaint in ecclesiastical court first against Mike Regan. JP was Ray’s bishop and was ultimately responsible for the Church being dragged through the mud on this one. JP’s under the OCA H/S’s jurisdiction  and they can do such. Then, the ROCOR could pick him up as an ordinary hieromonk… making things that much easier. ROCOR could then require him to live in a remote monastery, far from the District.

That’s what I’m smelling… and if the OCA and ROCOR H/S’s have any brains, that’s what they should do. Bobby should plead… that’ll make him “go away” as a problem. JP should be deposed and sent to the ROCOR as a hieromonk… that should make that tar-baby go away. Ray should be defrocked… then, he’ll go away as an embarrassment to the Church. Will this happen, though? We’ll have to see, no? Don’t hold your breath…


An Update from the Cabinet:

One of the Inner Cabinet flashed me:

You asked:

“Will the OCA H/S defrock him?”

They’ve already defrocked him. Click here for the proof.

I replied:

Thanks… I thought that he was under suspension, like Sir Ray. I’ll post it as a Cabinet update.

No matter what, Bobby’s dreams of being reinstated are GONE. Now, here’s the rub… did someone set him up for a fall, knowing his proclivities? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…



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