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Friday, 8 February 2013

8 February 2013. Konvertsy Silent After Bobby’s Fall… Will Moriak’s “Comeback” be Stillborn as a Result?

Fr Vladislav Provotorov. Fallen Angel. nd

Fallen Angel

Fr Vladislav Provotorov

undated (1990s?)


One of the Cabinet send this on:

Who let [Kondratick] in the Diocese of the South… Royster? What did Bobby have on him? The Monomoron crowd is being quiet now… Love BT’s quiet and Monkey Silver’s quiet…

Why are they quiet? No doubt, it’s because their imagined little world is unravelling before their eyes. JP is down for the count… Ray Velencia is down for the count… Bobby’s not only down for the count, he may be wearing bracelets soon enough. I’ve heard rumbles that Potapov’s in the soup for having issued his loudmouth anti-Stalin missive. In short, it’s all coming apart at the seams. Ergo, the crackbrained scheme to bring Moriak back may not even lift-off (click here for the proof on that).  It looks like Mollard has a true Chinese fire drill on his hands, with the caveat that a Chinese fire drill only LOOKS confused, whilst this little imbroglio IS confused. I wonder if Mollard is going to continue to insist that he’s taking Wednesdays off? I’d say that attending to pressing business is more important and is his duty, in any case. Mollard has to grow up… but shall he?



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