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Friday, 8 February 2013

8 February 2013. Latest on Bobby K… It May be a Case of Sticky Fingers



The word out there is that Bobby’s accused of gelt-grabbing. It seems that he dipped without permission into the Venice FL parish treasury. Apparently, the DA is investigating a complaint. Maybe, Bobby will be in the nick soon. It seems that old habits are hard to break… Bobby treated the OCA Treasury as his private stash, so, if this is true, it’s not surprising. Who complained, or, rather, who put the complainant up to it (Bobby’s not one you casually accuse, even if the action’s blatant)? If all roads lead to Lyonyo, don’t blame me, I’m just a reporter. One of the Cabinet said:

I’ve been told to “follow the money”… a leopard doesn’t change its spots. It sounds like he’s up to his old tricks.

Indeed… hmm… since Bobby’s son is Fed custody for scamming (sounds like his dad, doesn’t he?), perhaps, they could share a father n’ son cell together? The apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree (and the tree was very close to the apple, if you catch my drift). The best way for the OCA H/S to handle this is to have Bobby cop a plea and go to the slam (as the GOAA did with that perv priest out in the Midwest). Then, they should defrock him. At the same time, they should defrock Ray Velencia for pretending to be a priest when he was still under suspension, and, what’s more, they should depose Fathausen as a bishop (but let him stay a priest) for allowing Sir Ray to file a frivolous lawsuit against Mike Regan (Fatty was the bishop where the suit was filed and he had jurisdiction over Ray… ergo, he had the power to stop him), a priest in good standing (the H/S should publicly apologise to Regan for all the shit that Ray put him through publicly). That’s all for now, my lovelies… when I get more, I’ll post more for all you perspirin’ minds out there…




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