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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Levada Centre Sez Number of Soviet System Supporters Grew in Russia

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A survey published by the Russian independent pollster Levada Centre found that the number of people who support the Soviet political system grew in Russia. Today, 36 percent of Russians regard the Soviet system as best, compared to 29 percent in 2012. Those who support Western democracy fell from 29 percent to 22 percent, Levada reported. Only 17 percent said that favour the existing political system, a three percent drop from last year. The survey also posed a question about economics. The results showed that more than half of Russians (51 percent) support an economic model based on state planning (49 percent in 2012). Only 29 percent spoke in favour of private ownership and a free market system (36 percent in 2012). The poll, conducted on January 18 to 21, involved 1,600 participants and had a margin of error not exceeding 3.4 percentage points.

8 February 2013



Editor’s Note:

One has to see Potapov’s latest little tirade downing Stalin in the light of what this poll reveals. Potapov spent his life as a willing lickspittle propagandist in Langley’s service. Did he protest the bombing of Serbia by quitting the American service? He certainly didn’t! Did he refuse to serve the murderous and treacherous George W Bush (whose administration fomented the 2008 South Ossetia War and invaded Iraq for no reason whatseover)? NO, not at all! Well, ordinary Russians spoke, and they said, “NO”, to Potapov’s unhinged mercenary lies about “Free Enterprise” and “Economic Freedom”.  Sadly, Potapov’s not alone in the ROCOR. His pal Artiomov in München also compromised himself by supporting the Vlasovtsy (his father was one), sidelining himself. He’s also persona non grata in Moscow. Shall these people stay in ROCOR when the Centre cleans house? Perspirin’ minds wanna know! Perhaps, that’s why the Centre doesn’t want Hard Right loonies like Paffhausen in the ROCOR…

The sooner that the ROCOR removes Potapov’s scrofulous post from its official website, the better. It’s removed the blurb for it from the top of the page… now, it’s time to remove the post and apologise to the millions of sincerely-Orthodox Russians who’re leftists and communists (the number of godly leftists vastly outnumbers that of the pro-American trash in Russia… who are mostly godless or sectarians). As for Potapov, he’s a known quantity… he’s been an open spook in the American service since the 80s. Let’s see… don’t the canons forbid priests to enter “Roman” (that is, government) service? Hmm…




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