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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Moscow Patriarchate Cools the Vatican: “New Greek-Catholic Challenges” in the Ukraine

00 Uniate icon of Yushchenko 01

Uniates slobber over this… you can see why they’re enemies of Christ’s Church…


The MP denied the words of the nuncio in the Russian Federation, according to whom relations between Orthodox and Uniates have improved. Archpriest Dmitri Sizonenko denounced expansionism and support for schismatics.

The question of Greek-Catholics in the Ukraine (Uniates) continues to hinder ecumenical dialogue between Rome and Moscow. Archpriest Dmitri Sizonenko, MP Secretary for Inter-Christian relations, reiterated this in speaking to Interfax-Religion. He commented on the optimistic declarations about the improved relations between Orthodox and [so-called] Ukrainian Catholics (who recognise the authority of the Pope of Rome), made by the Apostolic Nuncio in the Russian Federation, Monsignor Ivan Yurkovich. The latter, interviewed by NG-Religii, stated, “The difficulties of the early 90s have been overcome in many ways, and, today, there are many points of contact between the two Churches, especially of an informal nature”. Rev Sizonenko agreed that some problems were solved, but warned that, today, “there are new challenges”. He related that the First Hierarch of the UOC/MP expressed “concern” about attempts by Uniates “to establish and develop structures in regions with an Orthodox majority”.

Sizonenko also added that the Greek-Catholics said that they work for the unity of the Orthodox in Ukraine, but then “do the opposite”. As an example, he recalled the fact that the Major Archbishop of Kiev, Svyatoslav Shevchuk, the Uniate leader, recently declared that he accepts baptisms done in the churches of the “Patriarchate of Kiev”, unrecognised throughout the Orthodox world. Fr Dmitri pointed up, “In the context of the current situation in the Ukraine, this sounds like proof of an interest to strengthen the position of the schismatics”. After the end of the USSR and the independence of the Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has faced strong divisions that led to the coexistence of three Orthodox Churches with parallel hierarchies:

  • UOC/MP, under the Patriarchate of Moscow and all the Russias (albeit with wide autonomy, the only one recognised by the other Orthodox Local Churches)
  • “Patriarchate of Kiev and all the Ukraine” (formed around the figure of Philaret, a defrocked MP cleric)
  • Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (strongly nationalistic)

11 February 2013

Nina Achmatova



Editor’s Note:

Discount the Blunder’s cooing to the papists. This is the real deal. As a Cabinet member told me:

Do NOT forget Benny Ratz’s support for “canonising” the monster Cardinal Alojzije Viktor Stepinac of Zagreb, the “Josaphat Kontsevich” of the 20th Century. The Local Churches of Serbia, Bulgaria, Moscow, and even the submissive Phanar are outraged over this insult and blasphemy. Still, our “professional” Orthodox and half-converted “experts” continue to indulge in heavy petting with Catholics.

Quite. The Uniates aren’t our friends. There are all too many priests and faithful killed and injured by American-financed Uniate mobs… all too many Orthodox churches stolen by the Uniates. That’s why you should never take anything on the website Byzantine Texas as truth… and do spam anyone signing themselves as “Josephus Flavius” in your commboxes… he’s a nasty Uniate who just wants to argue and cause upset amongst Real Orthodox. Oh, yes… his website is a fave amongst konvertsy… which is proof that the konvertsy have NEVER converted in their heart-of-hearts and that we should never ordain them (especially, not former clergy). It’s not “nice” out there, but it’s “what is”… and we ignore reality at our own peril.



13 February 2013. More Detail on the Bobby K Case in Florida



I got this from a senior Cabinet member:

The first two people listed [in the sheriff’s report] are the complainants on behalf of the church, then, the church as a complainant, followed by the “Suspects”, the first of which is a “Confidential” Suspect Adult Employee, and, then, two other adults, a 70-year-old Assistant Treasurer and a 65-year-old Bookkeeper.

Also, they sent me this from the Orthodox Forum:

There is definitely something going on in the Venice parish. The President and Senior Warden of the parish filed a police report for grand theft with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office (#13-7063). The report alleges that an employee of the church took money between 6/24/12 and 12/28/12. The identity of the employee is classified as “confidential” and the amount missing was whited over. The report goes on to say that the employee was not an authorised signer on the checking account, nor was the employee authorised to cash the checks. Copies of the checks cashed by the suspect and documents showing transfers from the church’s “Good Samaritan Fund” were received by the [Sarasota County] Sheriff’s Office as part of the report.

The following is from the official sheriff’s report… I’ve seen a PDF of it, with the date-stamp “FEB. 13. 2013 4:08 PM”:

Complainant is the President and Senior Warden of Holy Spirit Orthodox Church, 700 Shamrock Blvd in Venice. She came to the Sheriff’s Office South Desk to report a grand theft. Between 06/24/2012 and 12/28/2012, the listed suspect took approx X. The complainant advised that the suspect was an employee of the church, but was not an authorized signer on the checking account, or authorized to cash the checks. Copies of the checks cashed by the suspect, and documents showing transfers from the church’s Good Samaritan Fund were entered into South Property as part of this report.

This is an EXACT replay of the shit that Bobby pulled in Syosset… exactly. It’s time for the OCA to step in and help this parish. It should confront Bobby with the evidence of his previous escapades and pressure him to plea or they’d enter his previous shenanigans as corroborating evidence. The First Families are crank all around… first, you have Potapov and this Peter Lukianov pushing their oddbod Far Right fantasies; here, we have a sticky-fingered ex-cleric who should’ve gone to the slam for robbing the Church blind. However… we’re all supposed to be silent and pay up. These people regard the Church as their plaything.

It’s time to clean house. Things are bad when an acknowledged clerical thief gets off scot-free to strike again and when a popinjay archpriest’s anti-leftist screed took precedence over HH’s Christmas Epistle. That’s low… the ROCOR official website posted Potapov’s unhinged drivel on Stalin, but refused to post HH’s Christmas Epistle (at least, not in an accessible location).

We have a LARGE mess to clean up… but shall we?


This Just In:

A new piece of evidence popped up:

The assistant treasurer and the bookkeeper aren’t suspects in the theft, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff.


13 February 2013. Arrant Bullshit from the Lukianov Clan… Absolute Utter Crackbrained Vlasovtsy Nonsense

Castro and Metropolitan Kirill Gundyaev


04b Kirill and Zyuganov


04c Kirill and Zyuganov


04eg A Point of Unity. Assumption. Kharkov. 08.11

Here’s what the REAL Church thinks of communism… a little different from the writer below, I’d say…


Here’s absolute crapola from one Peter Lukianov (son of Fr Serge Lukianov of the ROCOR, a true example of First Family rot if there ever was such):

He [NHM Joachim] was hung in the royal doors of his cathedral after watching two of his priests get shot in front of him. The soviets (sic) came to confiscate all the church valuables “to help the poor”. St Joachim said… no problem, we’ll do an inventory of all our valuables and then personally sell them to help the poor. Obviously the soviets had no intention of helping the poor with that money so they killed him. Not to get political, but this reminds me a little of what is happening in America with all the new taxes on the rich. Government taking from one group to redistribute to another. What’s sad is how many people bought into that logic under communism and what ultimately happened to Russia. Sure, the government in the USA isn’t taking from the Church, but they have no problem dipping into peoples personal funds for “the greater good”. Today it’s the rich but Tomorrow it could just as easily be the Church. Call me crazy but look at how our government has changed it’s attitude towards religion. Saying a prayer in school is no longer acceptable. 50 years ago, if you told my grandparents that this would happen, they would have called you crazy – but now what? What’s next? Let’s pray to the New Martyrs for our beloved USA. They are closer to us than we realize.

I kept all the grammatical errors of the original… Mr Lukianov obviously slept through English Composition class. This is rightwing drivelling rubbish worthy of anything from Victor Potapov or Rod Dreher. He’s so CONCERNED for the rich… and he considers state social welfare programmes evil… which means that he’s at odds with HH and Fr Vsevolod, just to name two. HH supports Free Cuba, universal state-paid healthcare, generous allowances for families and seniors, and gives high Church decorations to communists (most of whom are believers). Hmm… I think that’s SLIGHTLY different from Mr Lukianov’s take on the matter. The Church does NOT support the ungrounded assertions like the one above made by the rightwing faction in the ROCOR… not at all. If I had to choose… make mine HH… and Peter Lukianov can go to hell in the most expeditious manner possible.

Whilst surfing the web, I found this concerning Mr Lukianov’s bloviation:

It’s about time someone exposed the chicanery! This has bothered me for several years for a few reasons. First, the Russian Church (MP) is in a country where abortion is still legal, yet, they still pray for their civil authorities. Second, even during the communist era, the MP still used the wording “for our divinely-protected country” (о богохранимей стране нашей) during the Great Litany. Some may claim it was coercion. To that I say, “Whatever!” Look how far they’ve come since. They were in a worse situation than we were, but now theirs is better. What excuse do we have? Perhaps, prayer actually works! Thirdly, our country is always a tangential mention at the end of said petition, rather than the first. The MP parishes in this country don’t even mention the Russian land in that petition. However, they do pray for this land, since after all, they’re living in it!

Perhaps our “spiritual centre” better take a long, hard look as to why it’s crumbling. No, I’m not saying that this is “the” reason, but it’s an example of all the stupid little things that have added up over the years. The bottom line… do you want change? Do, you want better leaders? Then, pray for the ones we have! Pray that God will convert their hearts and open them to the truth! God-fearing leaders don’t just drop out of the sky (at least, not in reality). Elected officials reflect the will of the people they represent, which means that we as Orthodox Christians have work to do. The correct option is to engage them, convert them, but most importantly, to pray for them. The wrong answer is to ignore them!

Let’s be clear… there’s housecleaning to be done. We can’t afford to let the Church to be allied to the godless American consumerist Moloch… something best embodied in the Republican Party. It’s up to US… but shall we do anything? It’s time for YOU to choose…


Who Will Be the Next Pope of Rome?

Pope Benedict XVI 4


Recently, very unexpectedly, Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger announced that he’s going to resign. Now, the world’s guessing who’ll be the next Pope of Rome and what the destiny of the Roman Catholic Church in the rapidly changing world may now be. Quite a few analysts predict that, most likely, the next pope would be of Latin American origin, and that he’d conduct a very tolerant policy towards Muslims.

Now, Benedict XVI is 85 years old. His tough attitude towards homosexuality, abortion, and the Harry Potter book series is well-known. Besides that, he’s made several tough statements against Islam during his pontificate. He’s always sharply condemned those ensnared in paedophile scandals. Considering all this, some analysts now suppose that the pope’s decision to resign wasn’t really of his own volition. They suspect, probably, that Curial factions forced him off the Fisherman’s Throne. If this supposition were true, any new pope would have to be more liberal and tolerant than the elderly Benedict. However, John Moody, a former correspondent for Time magazine in Vatican City, believed that, for all his conservatism, Benedict XVI prepared the grounds for radical reform in the Roman Catholic Church.

As was said above, quite a few analysts are predicting that the new pope will be from Latin America. After all, more than 40 percent of all Roman Catholics live there. However, about 50 percent of the cardinal-electors in the next conclave are from Europe. Amongst possible candidates, analysts name Archbishop Odilo Pedro Scherer of São Paulo in Brazil, Archbishop Angelo Scola of Milano, and Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson of Ghana.

Most likely, one of the main criteria for choosing the new pope would be his ability to defend the interests of the Roman Catholic Church in the modern world. Vyacheslav Kostikov, former Russian ambassador to the Vatican, said, “This is a very acute problem for the Catholic Church. At present, Europe is full of Islamists, and their influence on the Christian world is becoming stronger every day. The task of the new pope will be to resist this onslaught of Islamists, being at the same time tolerant and friendly towards peaceful Muslims. On the other hand, for all this tolerance, the pope should firmly stand for Christian values, because these values are traditional for both Europe and America”.

As for the new pope’s domestic policy, analysts also have practically no doubts about what it most likely will be. The new pope would have to take the mistakes of his predecessor into account, having an ability to make compromises. Theologian José Manuel Vidal said, “Today, it’s no secret that the Roman Catholic Church is losing popularity among European young people. To bring young people back to the Church, the church leaders should now be more flexible. Too many problems now need new approaches… the problems of women, of sex freedom, of contraception, of prostitution, and so on”.

The election of the new pope will take place on 24 March. Who will it be… an Italian or a Latin American? On the one hand, the world is changing, and the Church should, to a certain extent, change with it. On the other, the role of the Church is to stand for traditional values. The new Pope of Rome, whoever he’d be, would have to be very wise to find a compromise between these two opposite trends.

13 February 2013

Daria Manina

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Do note WHEN Benny made his surprise abdication announcement. He made it during the canonisation ceremony of the Martyrs of Otranto… who suffered martyrdom for refusing to convert to Islam in 1480. Remember, not only is the content of a statement important, so is the setting. Firstly, this was a personal statement of the Pope of Rome; its shock flabbergasted Rome, coming completely out of the blue. That militates against it being a Curial intrigue… such things always lead to “whispers in the loggia”… there was no hint of such prior to B16’s announcement.

If the statement were made in the context of canonising a group of martyrs whom the RCs beatified as far back as 1771 means that Benny meant it to be a sign to those in the know. If he announced his resignation in the context of “sainting” those killed by Muslims, I don’t think that he meant to promote a more tolerant or conciliatory policy towards Islamists. Rather, it smells like divide et impera to me. The RCs would talk and interact civilly with reasonable Muslims whilst waging war on Islamists (that’s what the MP does, by the way).

The real danger to the Catholics (and to us, too) are the twin and related foes of Militant Secularism (anti-religion per se, not mere irreligion) and Evangelical Anti-Christianity (excluding Classical Reformation Low Churches). Firstly, most secular people aren’t militant attackers of religion… don’t go after false targets. Most are people who simply aren’t believers, full stop. In like manner, most Evangelicals (which would include Mormons, AdventistsPentecostalists, and JWs) are simply dupes… they aren’t aware that their “faith” has NO resemblance to Classical Christianity in the least. They’ve never heard of the Second Great Awakening, William MillerCharles Parham and Agnes Ozman, Charles Taze Russell, or even the notorious polygamist Brigham Young. Both Militant Secularists and Evangelical Anti-Christians are obdurate and unceasing proselytisers. Both are equally dangerous… Christians have to oppose both, for both are enemies of Christ. Again… be careful! Most secular people aren’t attackers of religion… don’t be misled. Also, most Evangelicals are unaware that their pseudo-religion isn’t the Christianity of the Ages. Be discerning in your opposition.

That is, Benedict sees the threat to Catholicism coming from three sources:

  • Islamism
  • Militant Secularism
  • Evangelical Anti-Religion

Watch for the next Pope of Rome to tackle these three problems, whoever it is. Also note well that Benny intends to live in Castel Gandolfo, which the new pope will go to in the summer, I’m sure. This smells as if Benny’s trying to stage-manage his succession as much as possible. Remember, he’s German… Germans plan… Germans plan THOROUGHLY. That doesn’t mean that his plans will work… but it DOES mean that they’re well-organised and well-thought-out, probably, with several different scenarios catered for. We’ll have to see, no?

However, here’s the oddest detail of all… the conclave is to begin on 24 March… Catholic Palm Sunday. That’s highly unusual; it appears to be a goad to a “fast” conclave. SOMEONE is anxious… VERY anxious. Is B16’s health that bad or does he fear an open rebellion amongst some of the RC hierarchy? I think that it’s a combination of the two.

By the way, I checked patriarchia.ru… HH has NO official comments on B16’s resignation… there’s only the usual boilerplate bullshit from the Blunder.


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