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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

20 February 2013. The Moriak Stewpot Burbles Away

00 Why they They Talk the Talk... and Don't Walk the Walk. 15.09.12


One of the Cabinet gave me a shout:

news item posted on the diocesan website… Mollard presided at the diocesan council meeting Tuesday. Melchisedek and Alexander (Toledo) also attended. The bishops also met with the diocesan deans on Monday. Read the linked notice. Moriak “consulted closely” with Maymon? If that’s not proof he’s fucking lacking in common sense, I don’t know what is. Who the hell in their right mind would consult Maymon? Did he pass along tips to Moriak on pissing off clergy, dividing a diocese, and other acts unfit for a “real” hierarch? From what I’ve been told, the clergy across the Diocese of the Midwest (aside from a few, who for who knows what reasons) are universal in their support of Moriak stepping DOWN.

Some of the laity think differently, though. WTF? Are they so removed from reality they don’t realise the damage Moriak has done to the diocese? Are they proud of what he’s done? On the other hand, are they the type to do the “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” to such behaviour? They must be the same type who turned a blind eye to Bobby K’s pilfering of the OCA. Parochialism seems to be growing stronger. I can’t say as I actually blame people. The individual parishes contribute much more to the continued existence of the faith, rather than these hierarchs in name only.

I need add nothing, save to say, “Hear, hear!” Our parishes are still sound (except for the konvertsy conventicles). It’s time to bring all Russian Orthodox in the diaspora together… the time for disunity is over. We NEED each other… and that’s a good place to end, isn’t it?




20 February 2013. Slobberin’ Ronnie Called It the “Evil Empire”… Well, Here’s It’s “Face”

00 Soviet couple. 20.02.13


Slobberin’ Ronnie Reagan called the USSR the Evil Empire. Did he mention Manzanar in the same speech? Or Wounded Knee? Or Hiroshima? Or the widespread use of torture by the American forces in their suppression of the Filipino freedom fighters under Aguinaldo? Nope… all that remained unsaid. Of course, the Easter bombing of Belgrade and the rape of Afghanistan lay in the future. I seem to see an equal amount of evil on both plates.

You shouldn’t believe lies. One obvious lie is that the USA “defeated” the USSR in the Cold War. Nothing could be further from the truth. At Reykjavik, both sides were in a state of mutual exhaustion… the USA was economically knackered by Ronnie’s crackbrained policy of profligate arms spending coupled with generous tax cuts to the rich. The USA needed at least a generation to recover from Reagan’s folly. We only got a short respite under George H W Bush and Clinton. Then, George W Bush restarted Ronnie’s ruinous policies… this led directly to the 2007 meltdown, just as Calvin Coolidge’s nutter economic policy led directly to the Great Depression of 1929.

Another lie was that the USSR was a nation unlike all others… that it was a repressive and horrid dictatorship. This was the flip side to the American belief that they’re a nation set apart, “a city upon a hill“, exempt from all normal restrictions and norms. To put the lie to the former, just look at the image above. People were people in the USSR. They lived normal lives, fell in love, got married, had kids, bickered, made love, and celebrated life… as all people do. Most people didn’t feel restricted, as most people don’t involve themselves in politics (only a minority does that, to be sure). They believed that the state would mostly leave them be… and they were right.

Look at the young couple above from the 30s… did he survive the VOV? Did he fall in battle? Did he come home missing an arm or a leg? They were the grandparents of today’s generation in their twenties. That’s why America’s attempt to stamp on the world will fail. Today’s generation will draw strength from the generation of the victors of the VOV. Reflect on this… it came from ordinary people like the ones in the image then… it’ll come from their grandkids today. That’s something to cheer about. Evil won’t triumph as long as people find hidden strength deep within themselves. I confide that we shall…

Good WILL prevail…


20 February 2013. Вечная память…Say a Prayer for Danilia

memorial candles


Say a prayer and light a candle for the soul of Danilia. Have your priest say Pannikhida for her and have him mention her name at the Proskomidi. That’s what Christians do. She was the grown daughter of a dear friend of mine.

Вечная память


20 February 2013. It’s Mindala, NOT Mandella, the Cabinet Said… More on the Continuing Bobby K Soap Opera



I got this from a Cabinet member:

Apparently, the name is Mindala, not how I spelled it. When I get home, I’ll double-check to make sure.

Later, they sent this:

It is Mindala… as in Mindala Family Foundation. It seems that the family is wealthy, some sort of construction business.

It was in reference to a “John Mandella” cited here. His name is Mindala… not Mandella, but the points-of-fact remain valid. I take the responsibility for this error. My Cabinet did the best that they possibly could… I stand behind them 100 percent. People aren’t perfect. However, when there’s a screw-up, it’s my duty to stand up and face the music. That’s the way it is.

I had a lawyer friend of mine check out the Mindala Foundation. Unlike Potapov’s foundation, it hasn’t been involved in questionable activities. One can see why Bobby schmoozed up to John Mindala. When Bobby smells money (and his instinct for it is very keen), he can be VERY unctuous. He greased up to this John Mindala, but my guess is that another relative is in charge of the Foundation, and they didn’t pony up to Bobby. Or, they ponied up a little, and refused to give more. In any case, they don’t have any black marks against them.

There’s the correction and some new intel. The pot simmers on, kids… it’s NOT soup yet…



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