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Saturday, 23 February 2013

23 February 2013. “Women in Combat?” We’ve “Been There” and “Done That”… End of Story

00 Marina Raskova. 23.02.13

Marina Raskova (1912-43), Hero of the Soviet Union, she commanded the 125th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment… her ashes were buried in the Moscow Kremlin wall in a state funeral.


The Second World War.

Mariya Dolina (1922-2010), Hero of the Soviet Union, she also served in the 125th Guards Bomber Regiment (which received the title “Borisov named after M M Raskova” after Marina Raskova died in an air crash). 


Today, some rightwing nutters are trying to say that women are unfit to be at the front in combat positions. That’s utter baloney and horseshit. Women proved their mettle in World War II. Indeed, they more than proved it. I’ll bet you any amount of money that the loudmouthed cretins who oppose women at the front are the same people who voted for the warmongering draft-dodging coward Willard Romney. I’m just sayin’…




23 February 2013. Say “Thank You” to the Man in Your Life… It’s His Holiday

00 Glory to the Warrior Liberator! 23.02.13

Glory! To the Warrior Liberator!

Unknown Artist

Soviet Poster (undated. World War II)


Today was Defenders of the Fatherland Day… the counterpart to the 8 March holiday, International Women’s Day. Say, “Thank You” to the man in your life for the things that he does for you. Do something nice for him… I made Nicky a special breakfast and took him out for a bite later on. He means a great deal to me… and, no doubt, your man is just as special for you. Do something special for him… it can’t hurt! After all, in colloquial usage, this holiday is often referred to as “Men’s Day” (День Мужчин: Den Muzhchin).


Suspected Thief in Siberia Shoots at Cop, Hits Self

00d Russian donut shop in Murino

Perspirin’ minds wanna know… did the coppers get to finish their coffee and doughnuts before chasing the plug-uglies?


Sometimes it’s best to just stick them up… a suspected thief in western Siberia may have drawn such a lesson after hitting himself with a bullet he intended for a policeman in the process of arresting him. On Saturday, Novosibirsk Oblast cops said that the unnamed man was part of an alleged criminal duo that ran a scam of renting private apartments and, then, robbing them. The criminals picked the dwellings clean of furniture and any other valuables, including, in one case, a bathtub. However, according to an undated police report, eventually, the cops nicked one of them and he led the police to his partner’s apartment in Novosibirsk. Even so, the other suspect didn’t give up; he hid in a narrow compartment that he’d fashioned behind a linen cupboard… nevertheless, the cops found him. Then, the perp began firing an air revolver at police, but his two shots missed, and the second bullet ricocheted and hit the attacker in the head. At this point, he threw down the weapon and allowed the cops to arrest him. The police report states that the shooter is in hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and a police investigation that could lead to formal charges is pending.

22 February 2012



23 February 2013. Вечная память… Mother Theodora of the Holy Transfiguration Convent Died on Friday

00 Requiescat in Pace. 19.11.12


On Friday, Mother Theodora, who had been in poor health for a very long time, died at age 65 in upstate New York. She’d been a member of the sisterhood at Holy Transfiguration Convent in Pennsylvania. Light a candle in her memory at liturgy tomorrow. Ask your priest to mention her name at Proskomidi and to say Pannikhida for her… that’s what we do as Christians.

Вечная память!



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