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Monday, 25 February 2013

25 February 2013. The oca.org Gang Does It Again… They Play Favourites

01 This Ship is Sinking


The oca.org cabal does it again. It had a piece up about a nun dying in South Carolina on 22 February… but didn’t mention that Mother Theodora of Holy Transfiguration Convent died on the same day. I found out Friday night, at the Pannikhida for a friend’s daughter, and I got it up as soon as I heard of it. I’m sure that Iggy passed the word… why wasn’t it posted for all to see? It’s news, after all. Obviously, oca.org is playing favourites here… they publicised one of the konvertsy, but not someone from a real monastery. It does take all kinds, kids… and some sorts are just bone-idle layabouts, and there’s nothing to be done of it… except to fire them (which won’t happen). These people have an obligation to get out the news as quickly as they receive it, as modern technology allows such. The fact that they don’t is a reflection of their (lack of) character. Such people wish to be bowed and scraped to… what utter insanity.

The ship continues to sink, slowly, but steadily…




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