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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

26 February 2013. How the Cabinet Keeps Me From Steppin’ in Cowpats (and Worse)

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THIS is Monomakhos. Tells you much about those who post there, no? Any questions?


I got an unsolicited message from one Guy Westover on Google+; as I didn’t know of him in any way, I ran his name past my Cabinet:

Have you ever heard of a Guy Westover? He claims to be from Florida and a “cradle Orthodox Christian“. He’s trying to contact me via Goodgle+ to “talk about my blog“. I don’t like it. It smells like pro-Bobby to me. Have you heard of this jabronie? If not, I’ll delete it permanently (I don’t need trouble). My instinct is not to reply… he doesn’t smell on the “up and square”.

One of the Cabinet said:

Name means nothing to me. I checked the White Pages, found nine, but none in Florida.

However, I struck gold with another Cabinet member:

He’s one of the Morons on Monomahkos… If I were you I’d delete him.

To the first Cabinet member I wrote:

Thanks. Another one of the Cabinet did know him… a Monomoron puke. That’s why I treasure you guys. I DON’T know everything. Keep on keepin’ on, dear…

Of course, I got good advice, and I followed it (I got enough grey hair and “scars” to smell the “rightness” of something). This teaches all of us a good and salutary lesson. By ourselves, we’re NOTHING. However, if we stick together, if we pool our knowledge and resources, we’ll do fine. That’s why there’s NO “me n’ Jayzuss”, as the Evangelical notion has it. That’s why we shouldn’t have anything to do with them, even in the context of the so-called “Pro-Life Movement“… their heresy is that corrosive and WRONG (that’s why James Paffhausen’s signature on the so-called Manhattan Declaration was a betrayal of Christ and His Church). We all need each other constantly, and that’s reality. You can’t argue with that…



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