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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

As John Robles Sees It… Freedom House Crackdown

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The USA doesn’t even try to hide the fact any more that it’s actively attempting to subvert the Russian government; it’s funding and supporting those within the Russian Federation who’d attempt to do so for their own selfish gains. American-backed Russian NGOs and their American colleagues continue to push for “tougher measures” against the Russian Federation, many even calling for the USA and the West to implement a policy of “containment”, something Washington did during Soviet times to “stop the spread of Communism”. One has to wonder as to the real motivations of these organisations and individuals, as they’re on the American payroll and receive funds from American taxpayer monies routed to them by hawkish right-wing groups and individuals, who seek to propagate outdated Cold War clichés and Russophobic hysteria. Their reasoning is open to question… contain what? Some sort of undefined “evil” ideology or some non-existent military expansionism? It’s utterly ludicrous.

The continuing activities of most of these bodies, many of which only exist for the sole reason of subverting (in this case) the Russian government, weakening the Russian Federation internationally on all fronts, giving reason and justification to American expansionism, military build-up, and meddling and interference in the internal and external affairs of the Russian Federation have proven the wisdom and the necessity for the recently-passed Russian legislation requiring all members of foreign-funded NGOs to register with the government as foreign agents. Bringing the problem to centre-stage again is an American taxpayer-funded NGO called Freedom House, which has gathered an all star cast of American-backed and funded Russian “opposition” members, US Congressmen, NGO operatives from the USA and Russia, as well as EU officials for an upcoming forum entitled, New Approach or Business As Usual? US-EU-Russia Relations After Putin’s Crackdown.

I’m still wondering what “crackdown” they’re talking about, but I’d suppose they’re referring to the recent law mentioned above and perhaps to the recently-adopted Dima Yakovlev law that protects Russian children, or, perhaps, to the expulsion of USAID for their questionable activities throughout Russia. I believe that the real reason is that Russia is strengthening ties and increasing trade with Europe, especially in the energy sector, and this hasn’t pleased Washington, who sees Europe as their minion. The adeptness with which the USA continues to demonise Russia is daunting due to the level and the massive scale it’s attained, as well as increasingly more obvious, this time the more so, especially in light of the fact that the two above-mentioned laws were enacted because there were and continue to be clear and present threats against the sovereignty of Russia and against the Russia people.

We know the following is true for the USA… Russia must be kept weak politically, militarily, economically, and socially. This is for the sole reason that Russia must be brought under the control of the USA and that control must permanent and complete. A strong democracy and civil society are bad for the USA because a well-off and satisfied citizenry aren’t as pliable and less subject to go against the state. Hence, the funding of NGOs and the Russian opposition, who sow discontent and strife with false-flag arguments, straw-man evils, and phantom wrongs and injustices.

Just ask any member of the so called “opposition”… “What would you change, give me an example of what is wrong with Russia?” Like brainwashed hypnotised people just waking from a sleep, they’d probably answer something to the effect, “Putin bad. America good!” I oversimplify, but that’s what it boils down to. America doesn’t want a strong leader in Russia, they need someone they can manipulate. The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, unfortunately for the USA, isn’t that man. Keeping a country economically-weak is also good for the USA, as a country that’s weak economically is easy to manipulate, its markets are easier to access for the dumping of goods and for exploitation, its workforce is easier to exploit, its citizens are easier to manipulate and direct against the state, and its officials are easier to bribe and buy. Any country, such as Russia, which has an assertive and independent foreign policy, is also bad for the obvious reason that it isn’t under the control of the USA. This is particularly bad when such countries form alliances, groupings, organisations, treaties, and cooperate independently and without the control of the USA or kowtowing to Washington.

The script being used by Freedom House is as old as are most of Washington’s attempts at forming “colour revolutions”, usurping power, overthrowing governments, getting rid of leaders, and justifying their own expansionist policies. We’ve seen the script in use repeatedly, and, in fact, frankly, it’s gotten old. Demonise, repeat key words repeatedly until the world accepts them as truth, and, then, move in with “humanitarian” sanctions or missiles. In this case, the key words are “Putin and crackdown”. What we’re seeing with Freedom House is a clue as to where things are going, especially after the banning of USAID and their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation. The US government will now attempt to use those inside Russia more and more to subvert the Russian state. This would include politicians, the “opposition”, members of NGOs, academics, and even “the man in the street”. Not to mention the members of the US Foreign Service, who’re now increasingly being tasked with what could be called subversive activities. Anyone who can spread discontent and destabilise the country will be fair game.

In a recent analysis for VOR, Edward Lozansky, President of the American University in Moscow, gave some insights into Freedom House. According to Mr Lozansky, Freedom House is damaging the national interests of the USA, whilst receiving taxpayer funding. He said, “This organisation has already wasted enormous amounts of taxpayers’ money on supporting the colour revolutions in the post-Soviet space, which ended in total fiascos. Now, they want America not only to ‘stand in solidarity’ with Russian activists, but also to challenge the various authoritarian groupings in which Russia plays a prominent role, such as the Eurasian Union, the Collective Security Treaty Organisation, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)“.

I’m sure that Mr Lozansky calling these groups “authoritarian” was a tongue-in-cheek stab at the ridiculousness of the classification. He continued, “One item on that agenda is particularly laughable… the call to challenge the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, where China plays a key role. In other words, Freedom House expects China, a top foreign American lender, to provide more funds to the US Treasury to finance a challenge against itself”. As for the Russian division of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, he said, “One of its senior associates, (an American-paid Russian) finds the Freedom House challenge approach too modest; she calls for a “new way to contain Russia”, no more and no less”.

Of course, we’re all used to American hypocrisy, but they’re growing bolder and bolder with every passing day. If the shoe were on the other foot, as I love to point out, things would be entirely different. Were a group of American politicians and civic “leaders” to appear before the Federation Council or the RF Gosduma and ask the Russian government to expand sanctions, to implement harsher measures against the elected government of the USA, and continue to isolate and “contain” the USA, those involved would surely be charged with treason and put in front of a firing squad. Nevertheless, when it comes to Russia, this is supposed to be OK, and any move against these individuals, whose sole aim is to assist an increasingly hostile foreign power to harm their own country, is called a “crackdown”.

As for the shoe being on the other foot, Russia would have far more justifiable and legitimate reasons to take such actions as I detailed above. Russia would have the moral high ground in areas such as drone attacks, the unbelievable numbers of civilians killed in the Global War on Terror, the meddling into the internal affairs of countries worldwide, the expansion of the NATO/US military presence all over the planet, and even in the deaths of so many Russian orphans. Yet, as always, it’s the pot calling the kettle black…

For the members of the Russian “opposition” who’re attending the event, one last thought… if there were, in fact, such a “crackdown” here in Russia, as Freedom House claims, then, these individuals would be thinking twice about engaging in such activities or in trying to subvert the state and recreate it in Washington’s image from the outside, such activities used to be called treason, and such individuals used to be shot. That means that their presence at such a forum negates their very argument of totalitarianism and authoritarianism.

00 John Robles. VOR 06.1225 February 2013

John Robles

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

There are analogues of the Freedom House slimers here in diaspora Orthodoxy. All Orthodox people should be wary of four toxic individuals in the District. One is Freddie M-G, who works (or worked) for National Public Radio… that is, she’s a paid minion of the US government. Then, there’s Victor Potapov, who works (or worked) for RFE/RL, a well-known Langley front. Indeed, a ROCOR priest told one of my Cabinet members in the late 80s, “You know, Potapov’s a spy”. That is, I’m unmasking no-one… he’s been a known quantity for some thirty years. Alexander Webster is a stink-tanker and a reserve chaplain in the American forces who writes “religious” apologias for the American warmongering in foreign parts. Bringing up the rear is the clown jester of this ragtag lot, Rod Dreher… he’s a stink-tanker and he pals about with Patrick BuKKKanan. He’s the lightweight of the bunch… he’s bound to go off half-cocked, but then again, he’s a drifting wanderer (he’s lived in Brooklyn, Texas, and the District… all in less than ten years’ time… a veritable rightwing Bedouin!) without roots or compass. These people are haters of the Orthosphere and proponents of Consumerist America (and strong supporters of the Rightwing of the Republican Party).

Don’t forget… during the Cold War, Jordanville lied about its ties to a non-existent “catacomb Church” (to get money from the CIA, as Alexander Lebedeff admitted, “We needed the money and we’re grateful for it”). Sadly enough, the ROCOR was ridden with KONR traitors… whose descendants are still within the body, who’re of suspect loyalty to the Orthosphere and its ethos (they’ve capitulated completely to American Suburban Materialism).

The four named individuals are allied with a suspect “bishop”… James (Jonas) Paffhausen. Paffhausen was a long-time disciple and devotee of Gleb Podmoshensky, a sodomite defrocked by the ROCOR. He lied about his status at Valaam Monastery, and his elevation to “abbot” only one year after his tonsure is questionable, to use the kindest term (Tikhon Fitzgerald was stupid enough to do so). His term as First Hierarch of the OCA (after NO experience at all as a ruling bishop) was, perhaps, the most ludicrous period of history in Orthodoxy in the Americas. As Far Right as the four previously-named individuals are, Paffhausen is worse. He wanted to ally Orthodoxy with Evangelical swine who deny the Eucharist, the Communion of Saints, and the Holy Church Itself (the “invisible Church” heresy). Besides that, he wished to ally the Church with the Uniate traitors… who’ve killed Orthodox clergy and faithful and stolen Orthodox churches.

These five individuals are the diaspora Orthodox equivalent of the Freedom House traitors. Note this well… many of the konvertsy worship these people… I kid you not. Don’t argue with them… but do mark down who they are and where they are. God willing, they’ll leave us because we’re not “good enough” for them… that can’t happen soon enough for my taste, let me tell you. It’ll be “interesting times” until they leave… God do help us…



IOC Tries to Emasculate Wrestling

Mavlet Batirov


The proposal of the International Olympic Committee to exclude wrestling from the Olympics aroused indignation among athletes all over the world. Some of the Olympic wrestling champions decided to give back their medals to the IOC in protest against this plan. In addition, politicians are indignant at the IOC’s scheme. The professional sport world is still boiling mad after the plans to exclude wrestling from the Olympics by the International Olympic Committee became known.

In protest against this plan, the renowned Bulgarian wrestler and 1996 Olympic champion Valentin Jordanov returned his Olympic medal to the Committee. Russian Olympic champion Sagid Murtazaliev decided to follow his example and to return the medal he had won in Sydney. Murtazaliev explained his decision by saying, “It’s a human act and my position as the Olympic champion. People are asking me whether it’s hard for me to part with this medal. However, I hope that by parting with the medal I won for our great country, I’ll help to keep wrestling as an Olympic sport; so, later, I’ll be able to win new medals for Russia and the Republic of Dagestan, where I come from. I think that all the Olympic wrestling champions will join me and the IOC will listen to us”.

The final verdict about the future of wrestling will come in September and wrestlers hope that their protest campaigns won’t be in vain. Mikhail Mamiashvili, President of the Russian Wrestling Federation (FSBR), said, “As long as there’s a chance for reconsideration, it’s necessary to use all the means to stop this process. We’re holding consultations and already working with the IOC. In the coming days, the new president of the International Wrestling Federation is to meet IOC Chief Jacques Rogge. We’re waiting for the meeting of the executive committee, which is to be held in St Petersburg. I hope that these efforts would bring results”.

The opponents of excluding wrestling from the Olympic list emphasise that this sport wasn’t only part of the first modern Olympics, but also part of the Ancient Olympics in Classical Greece. Natalya Yarygina, Vice President of the FSBR, said, “The IOC’s refusal to hold wrestling events at the Olympics would ruin the dreams and ambitions of thousands of devoted athletes. You can imagine what it means for those who devoted all their lives to this sport, and also for the many young boys in Dagestan who’d lose interests in wrestling and be back on the streets”.

Considering that, traditionally, Russian wrestlers rank highly at the Olympics, there were suspicions that someone wants to undermine the positions of our Olympic team by excluding wrestling from the Olympics. However, not only athletes, but also politicians all over the world are indignant at the IOC’s proposal. Amongst them are those who can’t be suspected of sympathy for Russia, for example, former Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld. In his youth, he was a wrestler, and he’s still fond of the sport. The 80-year-old politician even said that he’s ready to enter the wrestling ring to defend the right of professional wrestlers to take part in the Olympics.

27 February 2013

Artyom Kobzev

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

This was in the commboxes for this post:

The Olympics are supposed to be a display of sports from around the world. No sport is more historically global than wrestling. Every culture and nation throughout history has created their own form of the sport. Secondly, it’s a sport that costs nothing to participate in. No fancy equipment, no sports complexes, etc… wrestling is a sport where even the poorest-of-the-poor countries can have success in. Plus, in the past 12 years, the amount of countries that have participated in women’s wrestling at the Olympics have DOUBLED. If a sport is growing so fast, why cut it? Dropping wrestling is a slap in the face to the history of sports.

Wrestling Roots

I need add nothing to that, save to say, “hear, hear!”


27 February 2013. “Slowpoke Rodriguez” oca.org Lives Up to Their Usual (Low) Standards

01 Slowpoke Rodríguez


It’s all over the internet… Metropolitan Iosif Bosakov is leaving New York for Bulgaria. I read the news last night. Does oca.org mention it at all? OF COURSE, NOT! Why, if that did that, it’d mean that they were attending to their duties (for a change). American church news is part of their “beat”, yet they act as though it didn’t happen. I think that all items posted have to pass censorship from Lyonyo, Jillions, and Dahulich. Ergo, news doesn’t get up in a timely fashion, making the oca.org lot look incompetent and clueless (is Lil’ Mizz Ginny Nieuwsma still there? Perspirin’ minds wanna know). Things are getting worse, not better. Shall we have to drain the cup to the bitter dregs? I bloody well hope not…



27 February 2013. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Where’s the Beef?

00 Sergei Yolkin. Where’s the Beef. 2013

Where’s the Beef?

Sergei Yolkin



The RIA translator deserves to be taken out at dawn and shot by Wally the Mexican and his band of grinning banditos. They used the used “Horse Meat Scandal” as an equivalent of “Не говядиной единой” (Nye govyadinoi yedinoi: (idiomatic) No beef at all)… that’s criminal. Besides that, they use godawful typefaces that don’t match those used in the Cyrillic (you can’t get it exactly, but you can get it closer than this jabronie does). Idiomatically, “Where’s the Beef?” is simply turning “No Beef at All” into a question, into a form familiar to most English-speaking readers. Furthermore, they should’ve known that the farmer would use the past tense rather than the present tense in speaking of where something came from. What a maroon! They deserve to be tag-teamed by Taz and Gena… yeah, they’re multifilm characters, but that’d be a sight to see, no?

As per usual, Yolkin is a goldmine for suitably dirty-minded ribald sorts (don’t get on your “high horse”… you’re right down here on Sin Alley with me)…



More and more manufacturers of meat products in the EU are involved in a scandal that occurred because horsemeat was found in their products. Sergei Yolkin couldn’t help but comment…

Click here for more stories on the topic.

20 February 2013

Sergei Yolkin




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