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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

6 March 2013. More Links on Bobby’s Arrest

00 police lights


Here are two more links on Bobby K’s arrest:



The smart word “out there” had it that Bobby evaded arrest in Syosset because he had “dirt” on bishops and priests. Well, he has no dirt on these parishioners… that means that he can’t pull that gag again. Remember how Eric Tosi lies… do you remember his classic statement when accusations surfaced that Piggy Iggy Burdikoff had his hand in the till? “The records simply don’t exist”. I have 115,000 reasons not to believe that, and so do you. I’d LOVE to see Eric on the stand (and Bobby might call him as a witness just to see him squirm on the stand). Tosi doesn’t have the First Families watching his ass this time (Lyonyo would kick him off the train without any compunction and he’d lose no sleep over it).

Bobby made over 30 Gs (925,000 Roubles. 23,000 Euros. 20,000 UK Pounds) a year in that Florida parish… most priests don’t get that sort of salary. That cries to heaven for vengeance. What the hell did he do for that money? If that doesn’t tell you that Paffhausen was crank and crook to the core, nothing will. He smiled whilst this jabronie made more dengi than most priests receive from their parishes. Nasty piece of work all around, isn’t it? It’s time for the OCA to come forward with the evidence against Bobby… and to shut up loudmouths like Monkey Silver and Love BT. A friend of mine suggested that I should’ve greased up to BT, but I’ll tell you, his claque is disgusting, and the fact that tolerates thieves and coddles First Family apparatchiki is too much of a muchness.

It’s time to wind up this sorry travelling circus… it’s time to go home.




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