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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

6 March 2013. What the ROCOR Bishop of Caracas Really Thought about Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías… Aren’t You Ashamed to Have Listened to Rightwing Blowhards Such as Potapov, Paffhausen, or Whiteford?

00 Chavez and Kirill. Blessing. 08.10.12

THIS is what the REAL Church did… any questions?


The Russian émigrés who established our Church fled not socialism but godlessness, militant atheism, and persecution. The people who run Venezuela today aren’t the Soviet state. President Chávez may be a socialist, yes, but he isn’t an atheist. Moreover, he openly calls himself a believer, he doesn’t persecute the Church, and he doesn’t propagandise atheism. Today, Venezuela finds itself in a profound social crisis, so, something must be done, so I lean towards sympathising with him. It isn’t the Church’s lot to involve itself in politics or to decide which is better, socialism or capitalism. The Saviour commanded us to tend to our neighbour, to help the poor and orphaned. Christianity isn’t alien to the concept of social justice… unless it’s harnessed to godlessness. At the same time, many of our parishioners have a justifiable mistrust of socialists, which is characteristic for the ROCOR. Orthodox Christians in Latin America are very politicised, and that’s the way it always was. For instance, during Allende’s time, they fled Chile en masse.

Bishop John Berzins of Caracas and all South America (ROCOR)



The REAL Church doesn’t condemn socialism… only American phonies teach such. HH thinks, “Socialism is Good” (as the old Chinese song put it). He SUPPORTS state-provided single-payer universal healthcare (and a complete palette of state-provided social services)… and Potapov, Paffhausen, and Whiteford are against it (they support the wicked and grasping Anti-Life greedster agenda of the Republican Party). Oh, yes, HH BLESSED Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías and his Bolivarian Revolution (and he hasn’t changed his mind). You can support HH and the REAL Church… or you can support the Unholy Drooling Republican Trinity with their bootless “marches”, alliances with the heterodox rightwing, and witch-hunts of the “unclean”… that’s the only choice on offer in the real world. I support HH and Christ’s REAL Church… what about you?




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