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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

6 March 2013. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… THIS is What the Rightwing Crazies Believe In… Mark It and Oppose Them

00 Obama. hate poster. 06.03.13


Look at the above image. I found it whilst I was searching for images today. It’s disgusting and untruthful, isn’t it? However, not only do the rightwing kooks in general eat this shit up, but the Orthodox konvertsy are even worse… they’re some of the most unhinged righties that I’ve ever met, bar none. Many of them are on the Monomakhos site… others came out of the looney-tunes “Continuing Anglican” movement (as typified by a reactionary site called Stand Firm in the Faith)… they believe that Coolidge‘s nutty squirrel laissez-faire economic policies (which led directly to the Great Depression) are the ne plus ultra of economics and that they’re a beleaguered minority beset by a voracious “socialist” government (actually, the government doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them, but that’s attending to reality, and these sorts would NEVER do that).

Take a good look at the above… that’s the sort of shit that’s peddled by the likes of Potapov, Paffhausen, and Whiteford (the last-named is the least-culpable, as he’s the most ignorant). It’s nasty, isn’t it? However… if you march in a March for Life, that’s what you march for. Not quite what you thought, was it? I’d say, “Don’t march in a ‘March for Life’ until it disassociates itself explicitly and completely from Hard Righties such as Rick Perry, Darrell Issa, and Franklin Graham“. If it doesn’t, you’re responsible for their evil agenda. Sad to say, but there’s no “clean” option here. You can stand for social justice, but if you do, you have to stand with those who believe in legal abortion (that’s the way of it in the real world… you can’t choose your family and you can’t choose who stands for what).

If you stand for “Pro-Life“, you also stand for the promiscuous use of the death penalty, unending warmongering in foreign parts, the gutting of the American economy, generous tax cuts to the rich (and Scroogish cuts to social services), and the continuing rape of the working-class to enrich the corporate oligarchs (that’s the agenda of “Pro-Life” politicians such as Chris Smith and Willard Romney). Weigh both in the scales… neither are “clean”; both are “grey”… I have. I stand for social justice… the Left may stand for legal abortion, but it also stands against the Anti-Life agenda of the Hard Right. It’s NOT an easy or simple decision (unlike the cartoonish and mawkish arguments brought forward by the “Pro-Lifers”), but one HAS to go where the least evil’s being wrought. An anti-abortion plank doesn’t mean that an agenda is Pro-Life… NEVER forget that. It may be just the exact opposite… Satan laughs…



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