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Thursday, 7 March 2013

7 March 2013. Love BT Bloviates on Bobby Again… Note Well that He Doesn’t Mention Bobby’s Son’s Troubles with John Law for Scamming on the Island

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Here’s the latest rant from Love BT on the Indiana List:

I see the Anti-Kondratick grapevine/hotline is working efficiently, or maybe Our Melanie has hired a private dick to stand outside the Sarasota police and all newspaper offices and wire services. What? Nothing from Al Jazeera? Guilty, eh? I guess many sick attorneys see themselves as judges and juries, not just prosecutors. Real “go-getters” or “go-get’ems”. When was the last time the diocese, or the district dean, or the parish council in Sarasota had the parish’s books audited? What is criminal about making checks out to “cash” in order to pay bills and buy stuff for a parish? This must make the Bill Samsonoffs, the Nina Tkachuk-Dimases, the Eric Wheelers, the Mark Stokoes, the Sons of Job, the John Hunchaks just curl up their toes with exquisite delight not to mention certain grudge-bearing members of the Synod! It’s my conviction these bottom-feeders  will NEVER be vindicated, and that they will end up with more egg on their faces than ever before. They rush so to judgment AGAIN!

I don’t know what any of them will do if Archbishop Seraphim Storheim, with whom I’ve never wanted to have any “truck,” is not convicted of SOMETHING!! One would want to put them all on “suicide watch!” But I do think the Canadian justice system has failed to provide “due process” to anyone in that matter. I love and respect Very Reverend Protopresbyter Rodion S. Kondratick and his lovely, pious, and long-suffering spouse, a model for any clergyman’s wife, Elizabeth, like my own family. I believe they have been abused by many clergy and laity of the Orthodox Church in America, from top to bottom.

Giving thanks to Almighty God, the All-Holy Trinity for everything and everybody,


Bishop OCA retired


All grammatical infelicities and nutty-squirrel usages are as in the original, for your delectation and enjoyment.

Hmm… they do say that shitbirds of a feather flock together. With whom does Love BT pal around with? Vinnie Peterson was his protégé… you know, the bishop arrested for DUI. Nikolai Soraich was his chancellor before going to Alaska to crash and burn. Izzy Brittain ended up in a parish of the Diocese of the West (where he’s allowed to serve, despite his suspension). John Dresko serves in the DOW, too, after fucking up royally in Syosset. Of course, let’s not forget David Brum, whom Love BT ordained without a scrap of Orthodox formation (when things got too hot for Dear David in Syosset, Love BT brought him to Arizona for safe haven). BT bunks in with Gerasim Eliel in LA… y’ know, Fathausen’s fair-haired boy. Speaking of Fathausen… Love BT made him an abbot ONE YEAR after tonsure. That takes the cake for incompetence and stupidity. Love BT knew of El Gordo’s long dalliance with the notorious sodomite Podmoshensky… but he made him an abbot, anyway. In short, one can see that Love BT surrounds himself with questionable clergy. Anyone who’s ever dealt with BT’s lay claque (as I have) knows that they’re some of the nastiest mofos on the face on the planet.

Some of the people he identifies as a conspiracy against his beloved Bobby have no connection with one another. Bill Samsonoff is simply a moderator on the Orthodox Forum; Love BT hates him because Bill told him that he could post on the Forum, but that he’d have to follow all the rules that everyone else does. That riled BT mightily. That’s common knowledge; everyone knows it. One wonders why he doesn’t dump on Michael Regan, too… perhaps, the fact that Regan was his treasurer has something to do with it (again, a matter of public knowledge). Mel Sakoda’s on BT’s bad side because she’s exposed some of the abusive HOOMie cultist creeps (who were protected by BT).

Eric Wheeler, Johnnie Hunchak, and Mark Stokoe are part of Lyonyo’s cabal, and always have been. That puts them on BT’s shitlist automatically. Truly, they’re all nonentities and autocephalist nutters. Nina Tkachuk-Dimas is simply a SVS loudmouth, with no official position or ties to anyone of substance. BT must not like the SVS crowd. The Sons of Job are a phantom organisation, with no more reality to them than smoke n’ mirrors have. In short, it’s the “same ol’ song n’ dance” from BT. Note well that he doesn’t mention that Bobby’s son is facing Fed charges for a Ponzi scheme on the Island. I’ll end by noting, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”… indeed…

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Thursday 7 March 2013

Albany NY  


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