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Thursday, 7 March 2013

7 March 2013. More Monomoron Rubbish… If Nikos is Right, Why Does Bobby Avoid New York State Like a Vampire Avoids the Daylight?

01 lazy dog

Flash the Wonder Dawg sez, “Shoot, I’m no professor, but even I know that them Monomoron creeps don’t know shit from shinola…”


Here’s some rubbish from the nappy-wearing Monomoron toddlers (I’ve kept this author’s infelicities and grammatical solecisms intact):

To all who are jumping on the news about Kondratick’s arrest in Venice, a word to the wise, I have heard from a most reliable source that Kondratick will mount a very vigorous defence against these charges. He has engaged the top defence attorney in Sarasota who also happens to be the President of the Sarasota Bar Association. He is outraged at these charges and to the handful of people in the Venice parish who blocked every effort to understand the circumstances and the facts and to avoid the parish from taking this terrible course; you will bear the heaviest burden. This defence will cost him money he does not yet he does not want anyone’s help, just their prayers.

The detective on the case was coached by the usual MC and former MC members about the NY case, which he was all too anxious to tell reporters. Anyone who would be gleeful about this sad situation should check their heart. Those posters here who are salivating, some of which are the same posters on the Orthodox Forum, beating their chests and feeling somehow a sense of vindication are some of the lowest examples of not just Christians but human beings. The theme of the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee appears to be lost on them while they somehow live for this sort of excitement. I hope they all enjoy feasting on their pound of flesh.

When the case goes to trial, if the charges are not dropped after the defence has a gander at the evidence and all records during the discovery phase, I hope that you bandwagon judges will be quick to apologize and ask forgiveness of Mr Kondratick when he is vindicated especially the parishioners in Venice.


If Bobby is so innocent, why does he AVOID New York State? You see, Florida has very lax extradition laws, and it’s simply too much of a bother and expense to go after a small-fry bandito like Bobby (an IRS person told me that Bobby was “just too small to bother with, unless the OCA were to press charges”… Bobby falls under their limit for the government pressing charges). If one is to believe Love BT, Bobby is innocent and everyone is ganging up against him. It’s all a put-up job, you see, and it’s all lies. That’s the usual defence of a crook caught with their hand in the cookie jar. I’m told that Bobby liked making withdrawals just below the legal reporting limit. Besides that, perspirin’ minds wanna know where Bobby got the dengi to go to Las Vegas and Disney World (not very classy, was he?) on numerous occasions (Bobby’s misuse of corporate plastic WAS confirmed)? Remember his pal Rock?

Remember, Herman signed off on Bobby’s deposition. Hermie was Bobby’s pal, but he also had a sense of po-nashemu propriety (remember how he wanted to shitcan Vinnie Peterson (Love BT’s protégé) for that DUI stunt?) that would crop up every now and again. Hermie was not and is not part of Lyonyo’s cabal. Hermie was and is part of the NEPA mafia that was Bobby’s power-base. That is, Bobby got le sabot because the SIC found out things, but decided not to press charges. Besides, how many deposed priests get a church job with a pay-cheque exceeding that of most priests?

I wonder what Bobby had on Royster… I’m not the only one to be thinking that right now. Let’s not be coy. There was money missing from the treasury. There was improper use of OCA corporate plastic. If this was a lie, then, Bobby had recourse to the civil courts. However, he ran off to Florida (as I said, a crank rightwing “paradise” with lax business and extradition laws) and he’s stayed there. Methinks that the law has finally caught up with Bobby. Remember, his son is facing fed charges for scamming on the Island. The tree isn’t far from the apple it drops…




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