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Thursday, 7 March 2013

7 March 2013. This and That on the Developing Bobby K Story

01 Wicked Witch Melting

See the Wicked Witch? That’s Love BT to a tee. He’s the Clown Prince of this little soap opera, isn’t he?


Got this from one of the Cabinet:

I think one of the reasons Nina Dimas made BT’s “top 10” list is because her brother, Fr John Tckachuk, was part of the “Special Investigative Committee” which dumped on Bobby. Here’s the summary of the report, which comes down on Bobby.

A Cabineteer sent this:

Send them to this link and tell them to click on March 6. That’ll open the reports for the whole day in a PDF document. They’ll have to find his entry, it’s not too far into the report.

I also got this:

For the record:

The Court recommended that the suspended priest, Fr Robert Kondratick, be permanently deposed from all sacred functions of the priesthood and that his name be removed immediately from the rolls of the clergy of the OCA. On 31 July 2007, the Holy Synod of Bishops, after being presented with the report of the Court, 
accepted the recommendation and confirmed the final deposition (defrocking) of Fr Kondratick, which was in conformance with the Statute of the OCA.

On 26 August 2007, Robert Kondratick wrote to Archbishop Seraphim, as Secretary of the Holy Synod of Bishops, stating that he wished to appeal his deposition. On 16 October 2007, he presented the Holy Synod with his appeal and an appended packet of documents. After careful review of these documents, the Holy Synod met in special session on 13 December 2007. Giving due deliberation to the appeal, the Holy Synod concluded that the decision to depose Robert Kondratick would remain in effect.

Note the date. Bobby was defrocked during Herman’s watch. That means that Herman “signed off” on it. Also, note well that Bobby moved heaven and earth during Fathausen’s tenure to get reinstated, attacking members of the SIC mercilessly. I’ve heard nothing nasty concerning John Reeves from any of my sources… he’s an apparatchik (and a bit squishy), but that doesn’t mean that he’s a rotter. As far as John Tckachuk is concerned, he’s a tad too modernist for my taste, but he’s a decent fellow and painfully-honest to the bone (I met him once… he’s not a bad sort at all… he’s just reliably-modernist). You don’t have to agree with someone to find them on the up-and-square. In short, Bobby was skating on very thin ice, and JP smiled at it (which means that JP’s pal Potapov is as crank as JP is).

Follow the trail, kids… Bobby attacks the members of the SIC… Fathausen does nothing (as he did nothing when Ray Velencia attacked Michael Regan)… Love BT cheers Bobby on. If there’s any kind of “conspiracy” (and I’m NOT a believer in “conspiracy theories”… I have a life), the only one out there was the one containing Love BT, JP, Bobby, and Velencia. That wasn’t so much a conspiracy as it was an aggregate of the like-minded (not the same thing at all). That is, no one “conspired”, it just happened that their ends and intentions coincided.

By the way, Love BT isn’t insane or mad. Any road, we shouldn’t be engaging in “amateur psychology”. Why drag in madness when ordinary common-garden cruelty, incompetence, and nastiness fill the bill? BT’s cruel, nasty, and incompetent (and a poor judge of character, to boot… he made JP an “abbot” only a year after tonsure). He isn’t insane… in any case, that requires a clinician’s diagnosis after a detailed examination, and that hasn’t happened. He’s clutching desperately at straws, now, for if Bobby goes under definitively, so shall he. Let him gabble away. He’s a royal pain in the arse, but that doesn’t make him a fiend. He’s a bad piece of work who should never have been a bishop… he’s been retired, he’s out of the loop, and he’s been rendered toothless. He can’t bite… however, he’s got one hell of a bark; I’ll grant you that. Mark this down well… do watch him carefully, for he has much influence over his protégé, Vinnie Peterson. That’s what hip people should do. Otherwise, he’s a gaping gargoyle, nothing more.

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Thursday 7 March 2013

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