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Saturday, 9 March 2013

9 March 2013. Here’s the Probable Reason for the St T’s Pow-Wow

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I heard this whisper from an informant:

Here’s the deal. He and his lawyer refuse to accept the conditions that the ROCOR laid down to receive him. That is, he’d be “retired” and have no diocese… he’d just live at a monastery or a seminary. The OCA Lesser Synod of Bishops told him to show up last week at a meeting, but he was a no-show. A full Synod meeting is due next week and they might order him to appear.

I’ve been vetting this one… asking around to see what others have heard. As one of the Cabinet put it:

This makes sense. There have been rumblings that he was/is the stumbling block in the negotiations. Moreover, you can’t blame the ROCOR for their stance; they aren’t crazy.

There were other replies, but they were all in the same general mould. That is, this has been “out there” for some time, I’m reporting nothing new; indeed, the only thing that I’m doing is putting the general buzz into writing. This means that the pow-wow in the District between Potapov, Shevkunov, and Fathausen went nowhere fast. This is turning into an “instant replay” of the soap opera that surrounded the no-nun nuns in Maryland. Hilarion Kapral told them that they couldn’t have a starets that wasn’t under his authority (which makes sense… he wanted full authority over the convent and its doings). The dippy nuns refused, so, Hilarion said, “OK, it’s your bed; you lie in it”; he pulled the antimins and he shitcanned the lot of ‘em (which was the RIGHT thing to do).

Now, El Gordo AND HIS LAWYER are pulling the same gnarly shit. Note that, kids… “and his lawyer”. What’s wrong with that picture? If James Paffhausen had tried to pull off such a stunt with the likes of Leonty Turkevich or Anastassy Gribanovsky (or Laurus Škurla or Kiprian Borisevich), he’d be lunch. Tikhon Mollard is at sixes and sevens, since he’s a pusillanimous coward, he doesn’t know what to do. Ergo, he ran off to St T’s to confer with his sugar daddy Herman (remember Herman? He’s still alive n’ kicking) about what to do about this festering pustule.

Now, we all know that Herman’s a stubborn Hunkie and a maximalist. He’s been a “my way or the highway” sort for his entire clerical career. He’s always gone whole-hog… that happened with his mismanagement of the Mayfield PA situation (egged on by SVS and ADS… Fr Basil Stroyen told him not to do it, but he did it anyway). Herman wanted to shitcan Vinnie Peterson after the DUI incident… but Vinnie’s pals on the Holy Synod (with the hearty support of Tikhon Fitzgerald (Love BT)) torpedoed it. That was a case where maximalism was the right thing to do. Herman wanted to kick John Perich in the arse for his questionable activities on QVC, but Bobby quashed that (another case where maximalism was the right course of action). Herman went full-throttle for David Brum’s heretical “doctrine” that the Metropolitan is the “Primate”, the tin-pot dictator of the OCA with authority over all the bishops (the Orthodox view is that the First Hierarch (первоиерарх) is the “Chairman of the Board” of a loosely-held Synod).

Ergo, one can guess what Herman told his boy-toy protégé Mollard. My Nicky said (as we were driving to work Friday morning), “Herman told [Mollard] to shitcan [Paffhausen]”. There’s no doubt that’s what Herman told Mollard… it fits his personality, his history, and his standard MO. In this case, it’d be right. Leonty Turkevich would’ve tossed Paffhausen out on his ear. JP’s threatening to sue the Church! He’d do it… remember, JP allowed his suspended pal Velencia to sue a priest in good standing. There are no legal grounds for his suing the Church, but he’s making blustery threats. JP thinks that he can get away with it. I opined that the Centre wanted JP busted down in rank. As a Cabinet member replied to that:

JP’s supporters would go nuts and I doubt the Synod wants to deal with the fallout.

That’s what JP’s counting on. He’s counting on the fact that the Synod will be its usual craven and cowering self. Mollard knows that if he were to give in to JP, especially, if it involved money, it’d cause a kafuffle. He’s between two nasty cow pats, and he can’t avoid stepping in one or the other. Herman, no doubt, told him to shitcan JP… but Mollard, being a “nice guy” and a generally-clueless dweeb, is dithering. Which way shall he go? We won’t know until the Synod meeting, shall we? However, what I posted above makes a great deal of sense… and do note that you didn’t read it on oca.org, nor did you get it from Lil Mizz Ginny (who now appears to be working as a flack for SVS) or John Jillions. Indeed, quo vadis, Tikhon Mollard?

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Saturday 9 March 2013

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