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Sunday, 10 March 2013

10 March 2013. What’s Sergianism? Here’s One Definition…

01 favours from the devil


Although they’re usually completely off the beam, the ROCOR (V), the former ROCOR faction centred around the late Vitaly Ustinov, did offer a good definition of Sergianism. Here’s the relevant part:

It disturbs and distorts the teachings and canons of the Christian moral laws; it commands Christians to worship an atheist régime, as if it were God-given. It commends believers to serve it not out of fear, but out of conscience… blessing all its iniquities, justifying the persecution of the True Church of Christ by the godless, thinking thereby to serve God. In fact, such are committed followers of heresy.


When one sees this in general, rather than in particular, terms, it’s obvious that the faction centred about Victor Potapov and James Paffhausen in the District fits this definition to a tee. They’re rabid supporters of the Hard Right wing of the Republican Party, they’re willing to compromise the Faith by common action with godless Evangelicals, Mormons, and Moonies, and they support the “Greed is Good” ideology of the GOP élite. In short, it’s American Sergianism… and it’s high time that we condemned it as such.

Potapov and Paffhausen commend us to bless the warmongering, greed, and demonic social ideology of the GOP (using “Pro-Life” rhetoric as a moral fig-leaf to cover over the ghastly and corrosive dogma of the Right)… on the other hand, HH condemns American warmongering and blesses a full state-provided palette of social-welfare benefits. One stance is holy and god-pleasing… the other position is wicked Sergianism and devilish deception. I don’t think that I have to tell you which one is which…



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