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Friday, 15 March 2013

15 March 2013. A Shout from the Cabinet… and a Reasoned Reply

01 lets talk


I got this from one of the Cabineteers:


The pope no longer calls himself the Patriarch of the West.  That title was permanently and officially erased years ago. You see… it conflicts with “universal bishop” (“bishop of the universe”), which is what he pompously claims to be. So, the title was officially erased.

I’m well aware of that, I wrote what I wrote with malice aforethought. You see… Orthodoxy accepts the Pope of Rome‘s role in the Ancient Undivided Church as the Patriarch of all the West, not a “Universal Pontiff”… not the “Successor of St Peter”… not the “Vicar of Christ“… not the Infallible High Grand Poo-Bah of all Religion as defined by Pio Nono of Unhappy Memory. As I said, Kirill wrote as one equal to another. We’ve never accepted the papal pretensions… and we never shall. That doesn’t mean that we have to be nasty about it… hip RCs know what we hold… as we know what they hold. That’s why there won’t be communion between us. We’re that different. However, the gate’s unlatched and the key’s under the mat, where it always was. Oh, Richard… do bring the corkscrew… I’ve got a bottle of good stuff to open…




15 March 2013. Bobby K’s Arrest Card from Florida… Love BT, Monkey Silver, and the Monomoron Crowd Can’t Explain It Away

00 Bobby K arrest card. 15.03.13


The above is the real deal. It’s time for the OCA Holy Synod to shitcan this disgusting POS. All of Love BT’s horses and all of Monkey Silver’s men (including all the gibbering nappy-wearers on Monomuckos) can’t put Bobby together again…


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