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Saturday, 16 March 2013

16 March 2013. Spunky Po-nashemu Baba Grapples with Would-be Thief at Pierogi Sale



On Friday, Police in Ambridge PA said a man pushed an 80-year-old woman to get to a church’s money jar. Investigators said the man went into Ss Peter and Paul Church, where parishioners were preparing for their Good Friday pierogi sale. Police said the man pushed an elderly woman aside to get to a money jar and fled from the building. Tim Depenhart of the Ambridge PA Police Department said, “He came in and ordered three dozen pierogis. As the woman was taking the order, he pushed her and grabbed the money. She actually fought back and grabbed him before he got away”. Investigators said there was a woman in a getaway truck waiting for him down the street. Police said that they’ve arrested the perp.

15 March 2013



Editor’s Note:

Ura for Baba! The Uniates aren’t nasty folks and they aren’t responsible for the noxious shenanigans of their bum-kissing hierarchy. That being said, Central and Eastern European babas and omas have the reputation of being feisty and ornery. As you see, that reputation isn’t just a fable… it’s for real… just like Baba herself. “She actually fought back and grabbed him before he got away”… now, that’s the ticket. Now, don’t go messing with baba (or oma or iaia)… she DOES know a thing or two…




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