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Sunday, 24 March 2013

24 March 2013. The Buzz sez that Moriak will be GONE Before Easter



One of the Cabinet whispered to me:

Moriak’s being forced out of Chicago, obviously, by the Synod. The timeline’s unclear, but it seems he’ll be gone by Easter. Someone asked the question, “Who would Moriak’s replacement be?” One person comes to mind as a possibility… Fr Paul Gassios. He was runner up to Moriak, and was also one of the candidates for hierarch of the OCA‘s Bulgarian Diocese. In both cases, he lost out to “monks” (Matthias and Golitizen). He would’ve been the choice if Moriak hadn’t put on such a good show. This has Gassios’ background (and a bit of video). He’s currently at the Bulgarian cathedral in Rossford OH. It’s much in his favour that he knows the ways of the Diocese of the Midwest, as they were under Vladyki Job Osacky, as he was a priest in the diocese for 11 years under Job. Apparently, he’s a well-liked, genial sort.

Another source sent this on:

22 March 2013      

To Diocesan Clergy

From Fr John Kowalczyk, Chancellor

in re Search Committee           

At the last Diocesan Council meeting held in Stroudsburg PA on 4 March 2013, I was appointed Chairman of the Search Committee to select a candidate (or candidates) for our Diocesan Assembly to nominate and for the Holy Synod to elect for the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania. A committee will be formed shortly, which will include diocesan deans, and one clergy and one lay representative from each deanery. More information will be forthcoming in the April monthly newsletter.


If Moriak is on the outs and is about to get le sabot, it explains why Jillions didn’t go to Rome for the papal shindig. He and Lyonyo were too busy shoring up a crumbling edifice… in the end, their efforts to try to salvage Moriak’s situation damaged the OCA’s cred. Was the damage irrevocable? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean that the OCA will go under next month, or even next year. Look at how long the Ottoman Empire lingered… long after it ceased being a credible and coherent state structure. In addition, never underestimate the potential of a rotten-borough institution to cause mischief… if you have any doubts on that score, ask the Armenians about the Great Crime. In the end game, we need MORE vigilance, not less… do note the antics of First Family stalwarts such as Victor Potapov, Ray Velencia, and Bobby K. Keep one eye open at all times…



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