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Friday, 29 March 2013

29 March 2013. OCA Pay-Off in the Works for El Gordo. Supposedly, El Gordo Wants to Transfer to the ROCOR… Scuttlebutt has it that His Lawyer has SNAFU’ed the Deal, So Far

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The following material came from:


That is, it’s from official OCA sources. Let’s get started. Here’s the supposed package that the OCA is offering El Gordo:

A financial package being offered to Metropolitan Jonah was presented and extensively discussed. It was suggested that eventually revenue from the cell tower could fund this package.

H.2. MOTION LANIER/DICK… To move into executive session. CARRIED.

Details concerning the package offered to Metropolitan Jonah were discussed in executive session

H.3. MOTION LANIER/GALLICK… To move out of executive session. CARRIED.

H.4. MOTION LANIER/MCFATTER… To approve a financial package for Metropolitan Jonah, including 1,000 USD (31,100 Roubles. 780 Euros. 660 UK Pounds) per month until age 65, full medical coverage for three years, assumption by the OCA of amounts owed by Metropolitan Jonah to the Diocese of the South, and moving expenses not to exceed 25,000 USD (780,000 Roubles. 19,500 Euros. 16,500 UK Pounds). To recommend that the Holy Synod consider the impact on this package should Metropolitan Jonah leave the OCA and that general release and non-disparagement clauses be included in the agreement. CARRIED with six opposed (Tosi, Shimchick, Jury, Mikhalevsky, Ringa, Van Duyn).

Following a short recess at 15.09 EDT, the session resumed at 15.26 EDT.

H.5 MOTION RINGA/WEREMEDIC… To approve changes in the 2013 budget including 38,000 USD (1.18 million Roubles. 30,000 Euros. 25,000 UK Pounds) in expenses for the Metropolitan’s enthronement, a decrease of 108,000 USD (3.36 million Roubles. 84,000 Euros. 71,000 UK Pounds) in assessment revenue, the transfer of 2013 planting grant disbursements from operating expenses to endowments, and disbursement of 10,000 USD (311,000 Roubles. 7,800 Euros. 6,600 UK Pounds) in salary for Metropolitan Jonah for January and February. CARRIED.

Whew… let’s cut to the chase. Firstly, most of the discussion concerning the Fat One took place in “executive session”. That is, it’s conveniently “secret”. However, here’s the important point… OCA revenues are down, yet, it allotted 10 Gs to Fatso for doing nothing… he didn’t work for the OCA in January and February 2013, so, why are they paying him a “salary?” The jabronie resigned back in July 2012… he’s owed NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING. That smells as if the MC folded to threats from Fatso’s lawyer. The OCA doesn’t have the money to pay off a spoilt-brat son of a real-estate developer former-bishop. In any case, what does he need 25 Gs for moving expenses? He’s a MONK… monks can move all their belongings in a U-Haul trailer… at least, all the monks that I know could do so. There’s more to this than meets the eye. Let’s move on to what Mollard the Meek said:

I need to spend some time in this report to address the situation of my predecessor, Metropolitan Jonah, with particular emphasis on developments since the last Metropolitan Council meeting in September of last year. At the Fall Session of the Holy Synod (9-11 October 2012), the Holy Synod appointed me to enter into a process of negotiation with Metropolitan Jonah. The purpose of this negotiation was to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution to his situation following his resignation as Primate of the OCA in July. I was assisted in this process by a member of the Metropolitan Council who is an experienced mediator and both of us were assisted by the valuable and competent advice of our legal team. Beginning on 19 October 2012, we entered into a process of negotiation that would continue until 12 November, on the eve of the all-American Council in Parma OH.

On that initial date, we met together with Metropolitan Jonah and his legal counsel in a neutral location for a full day of discussion. The basic presupposition of the negotiation was contained in the phrasing of our opening question to Metropolitan Jonah: “Where would you like to be in five years and how can the Orthodox Church in America and its Holy Synod help you to get there?” This presupposition continues to be the basis for approaching this issue and it is the basis for the final proposal that has been offered to Metropolitan Jonah and which I would like to request formal approval from the Metropolitan Council for the financial component. This will take place later in this meeting.

Many options for Metropolitan Jonah were discussed, including various pastoral options and locations throughout the United States. We were unable to come to a resolution on that initial date or at any time in the following month. After my election, the Holy Synod presented a package to Metropolitan Jonah, where he would have a pastoral assignment in another diocese, complete with financial support and health insurance for a period of two years. This also was rejected by Metropolitan Jonah.

During this time, I was in conversation with members of the Russian Orthodox Church, including correspondence with Patriarch Kirill, and personal discussions with Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, Archbishop Yustinian, and Metropolitan Hilarion of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. I mention this because one of the options under discussion was the possibility of a release of Metropolitan Jonah to another jurisdiction. This was his request at several points of our negotiation, but at this moment, there has not been a request for his release from any jurisdiction.

In dialogue with the above mentioned members of the Russian Orthodox Church, we have come to a final proposal which would offer him an honourable situation and appropriate financial support. I believe that our Holy Synod has been very patient and very generous within the limits of what we can do as the Orthodox Church in America. The Holy Synod is asking the Metropolitan Council to give your approval to the specific financial package, which will be provided later.

I don’t believe that the above is completely honest. My sources at the Centre tell me that the only people pushing for Fatso are the Blunder, Tikhon Shevkunov, and Yustinian Ovchinnikov. What a threesome! The Blunder’s the most-hated bishop in all of Russia, bar none… Tikhon Shevkunov’s tarnished by his ties to oligarchs… and Yustinian’s still under a cloud for his fuck-up concerning the St Matrona Society in Moldova (after all, what’s an expert on Romania doing in the USA? He’s in the doghouse for a royal tits-up, that’s why)… that is, they’re the Three Stooges of Orthodox hierarchs.

Besides all that, Hilarion Kapral isn’t Fatso’s sponsor in the ROCOR… Victor Potapov has that role, as everyone knows. However, Potapov’s cred at the Centre is slim to none (his status as a well-known US government operative is hardly secret)… that is, Fatso’s sugar-daddy in the ROCOR is going down in influence the further that VVP turns to the left (didn’t VVP restore the Hero of Socialist Labour today? That tells you the extent of Potapov’s “influence”). In short, the above may not be all “completely to Hoyle”, as they say. In fact, it smells of a tawdry backroom deal. Believe NO talk of a deal with the Centre until you see an announcement on patriarchia.ru. That’s the way it is.

Last, but not least, one of the Cabinet with District connections sent me this (it’s from St Nicholas parish in DC):

From the minutes of their parish council meeting on 13 December 2012…

At the diocesan assembly on 8 December 2012, Michele [Smith] did a solid job presenting the case on the 37,000 USD (1.15 million Roubles. 29,000 Euros. 24,500 UK Pounds) reimbursement that St Nicholas is seeking from the Washington Diocese for expenses the Cathedral paid out for the former Metropolitan. For St Nicholas, this is a very sensitive issue to try and obtain money for the former Metropolitan’s expenses. It was noted that the OCA Chancellor, Fr Jillions, would assist with this issue at Syosset. Fr John Perich said a committee should be formed to handle this situation.

Note well that this wasn’t brought up in the public minutes of the MC. Was this discussed in the “executive session”, or was it “swept under the rug?” Perspirin’ minds wanna know. Crank world, ain’t it? They’re dancing on the Titanic as the water laps about their ankles… who woulda thunk it…


Are the Seven Santini Brothers Moving Moriak On Up?

00 Cartoon. The Movers. Sleeping on the Couch. 29.03.13


Got this from one of the usual (and good) sources:

Unconfirmed rumours are that a moving truck was seen in front of Moriak’s residence (next to Diocese of the Midwest headquarters) within the past several days.

Who’re the Seven Santini Brothers? Just the most well-known movin’ guys from the City (they’re originally from the Bronx). After all, Moriak’s probably “moving on up” (as the old theme song from The Jeffersons had it), but I doubt that he’s moving “on to the big time” (he’s not moving to the “big house”, either, but that’s another story, of another bishop, no?)…



UK Opens Inquest into Berezovsky’s Death

00 Boris Berezovsky. Russia. 23.03.13


On Thursday, the UK opened an inquest into the death of Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky with revelations that pathologists found marks on his neck consistent with hanging. On Saturday, his staff discovered Berezovsky dead in the bathroom of his home in the town of Ascot in southern England. He was 67. The Associated Press reported that Thames Valley Police Detective Inspector Mark Bissell told the inquest hearing that a “ligature” was found around Berezovsky’s neck and that similar material was attached to a shower rail. The AP cited Bissell as saying that there didn’t appear to have been any sign of a struggle, but that further tests needed to be carried out to reach a definitive conclusion. On Tuesday, Nikolai Glushkov, a close associate of Berezovsky, told The Guardian that a scarf was found at the site of the death and that there were signs of strangulation. Berezovsky, an avowed Kremlin foe, lived in self-imposed exile in Britain since 2000, and was pursued for extradition by authorities in Russia for prosecution over alleged fraud.

28 March 2013



Pope Francisco Washed the Feet of Prisoners on Catholic Holy Thursday, Including Two Young Women and Two Muslims

Last Supper. old Russian.

Last Supper

Unknown Artist

15th-16th century?

Old Russian


Last night, Italian media reported that Pope Francisco Bergoglio performed the Holy Thursday ritual of the washing of the feet by washing the feet of prisoners at the Roman juvenile prison Casal del Marmo. He performed the rite inside the prison walls, where he washed the feet of 12 prisoners, including two girls. The prison chaplain, Fr Gaetano Greco, said, “In Buenos Aires, when he was a Cardinal, he allowed girls to participate in the ritual. We managed to persuade the Vatican to allow a female presence now that Bergoglio’s the pope”. Besides all that, the pontiff washed the feet of two Muslims. The rite of foot washing takes place in Christian churches on Holy Thursday, in memory of how Jesus washed the feet of His 12 Apostles at the Last Supper.

29 March 2013



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