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Saturday, 30 March 2013

30 March 2013. RIA-Novosti Video. VDV Paratrooper Priests Jump with Mobile Chapel

00b VDV Chaplains. 29.03.13

VDV chaplains awaiting the “green light” to jump


00a VDV Chaplains. 29.03.13

Exterior of inflatable mobile field chapel


00c VDV Chaplains. 29.03.13

Interior of mobile field chapel… icons are stuck to the walls with velcro fasteners. Do note that the priest’s wearing a telnyashka under his riassa, and that the ribbons on his riassa indicate that he’s a former serving officer.


00d VDV Chaplains. 29.03.13

Chaplains now serve with all manner of military units as “Assistants to the Commander” (in place of the old Sov-period zampoliti (“Political Assistants”)


00e VDV Chaplains. 29.03.13

Foreign cadets at the Ryazan Margelov Higher Airborne Command School (Twice Order of the Red Banner) take all of the above in… shall they take their observations home with them? One hopes so…

The sign in the background reads, “Parachutist! If the chute doesn’t open – pull the ring!”


Click here for a 3-minute vid of a group of VDV paratrooper chaplains jumping from a transport plane with a large mobile chapel that they set up in the field upon landing.

30 March 2013



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