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Monday, 15 April 2013

15 April 2013. One of the Cabinet Weighs In on the Midwest Situation



One of the Cabinet (a priest) wrote me:

The OCA Diocese of the Midwest needs healing, as soon as possible. We don’t have the luxury of time for weighing the pros and cons. The flock needs a pastor. Your friend who wrote in regarding Alexander Golitizin was completely in the right. Yes… he’s somewhat soft in theology and he was too close to Kallistos Ware, but he has no public moral turpitude on his plate and he knows many of the local clergy personally… that’s no small beer. The flock needs to heal after having a radical firebreather at its head. At least, Alexander won’t start pointless wrangles over piffles. He isn’t perfect, but he’s good enough… and that’s what we need. I hope that the diocese makes up its mind quickly… it can’t afford a long interregnum. In any case, who’s the alternative? There isn’t anyone else…

I think that my interlocutor is correct. The Diocese of the Midwest needs a pastor, and the locum is the best man available at the time in the location… there are times when “oft we mar what’s good enough by aiming for perfection”… I think that this time is one of those. God willing, let’s NOT have another long “search”… we can’t afford such.




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