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Thursday, 18 April 2013

18 April 2013. Sergei Yolkin’s World. More Seals are Logging On to Social Network Sites!

00 Sergei Yolkin. More Seals are Logging On to Social Network Sites! 2013

More Seals are Logging On to Social Network Sites

Sergei Yolkin



In the UK, there’s Facebook for Animals. Sergei Yolkin jokes on how our pets see us.

17 April 2013

Sergei Yolkin




18 April 2013. Far Rightwing Pigs to Offer Seminar at SVS… Boy, How the Worm Has Turned!

00 cartoon witch doctor

We demand the scrapping of all social welfare programmes now! We don’t care what His Holiness teaches on social justice. We stand with the Acton Institute, not with our Patriarch… we like them better!


Read this. The Acton Institute is a pro-papist pro-crapitalist stink tank founded by the rather questionable rightwing crank Robert Sirico. SVS and the OCA piss on the Orthosphere, yet again. Until the papists bring their Uniate attack dogs to heel, we shouldn’t have anything to do with Catholic organisations, and especially not with questionable political forums such as the Acton Institute. Now, this is an interesting turnabout for SVS… in the ’80s, one could count on them being the most “left” bunch in Orthodoxy. Of course, now, they kiss the collective bums of the konvertsy… and they’re all rightwing kooks. I never thought that I’d see it… but live long enough, and you’ll see the most damnedest things. SVS has gone right-wing! One wonders why… however, they’re still nutty-squirrel modernists in theology, that hasn’t changed. What a combination… Pavel Ivanovich von Meyendorff’s rants on “liturgical fundamentalism” and Chad Hatfield’s rightwing bloviations… all on the same campus… oddly enough, they appear to be of one mind on theology… they haven’t abandoned ADS‘ heretical opinions in the least. I see that Deborah Belonick is still around… one would think that she’d be more consistent (and not support such rightwing lunacy)… but “Paris is worth a mass”, no?

If this doesn’t prove, yet again, that shitbirds of a feather flock together…



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