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Sunday, 5 May 2013

5 May 2013. Christ Rose in Moscow! HH was with the Kids, Again… Bully for Him!

00 Patriarch Kirill. Moscow. Rehabilitation Centre. Easter 2013. 05.05.13


00 Patriarch Kirill 02. Moscow. Rehabilitation Centre. Easter 2013. 05.05.13


00 Patriarch Kirill 01. Moscow. Rehabilitation Centre. Easter 2013. 05.05.13


00 Patriarch Kirill 03. Moscow. Rehabilitation Centre. Easter 2013. 05.05.13


What did HH do for Easter? He visited sick kids, as he always does, that’s what. This year, he was at the Juvenile Social Rehabilitation Centre in the Eastern Administrative Okrug of Moscow. As usual, he handed out gifts to the kids and to their caregivers. Note well that he NEVER misses an opportunity to help kids… NEVER…

Do note that the patriarchia.ru staff worked on Easter Sunday to bring you the news… unlike Ginny Nieuwsma and the lazy layabouts at oca.org (I find the loudmouthed konvertsy on that site particularly galling… their smarmy sanctimoniousness sickens me to no end). One of these things is not like the other…



Easter Greetings of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich

01 President Yanukovich with Vladimir Sabodan Easter kiss


Christ is Risen, my dear compatriots!

Every year, when I share with you these words, my heart fills with much gratitude. I have gratitude to the Lord for having helped us this year to hold vigil for the Bright Day of Resurrection. I have gratitude for all the Ukrainians who, through their honest work, dignity, and wisdom contributed to the fact that we met this holiday in peace and harmony. I have special heartfelt thanks for Ukrainian mothers, who are experiencing very difficult times, in the midst of worldwide upheaval. They take care of their children, they reinvigorate the family, and they strengthen all of us through their prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary… the Mother of the Son of God, who rose for our salvation. I wish all the citizens of the Ukraine and Ukrainians living in other lands, a joyful Easter holiday, with all faith, hope, and love.

Christ is Risen!

He is Risen, indeed!

viktor yanukovich5 May 2013

Viktor Yanukovich

President of the Ukraine


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Putin Sends Easter Greetings to Russians

00g Easter 2012. Moscow


On Sunday, the Kremlin press office said that President Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to all Orthodox Christians and to all Russians celebrating Easter, Christianity‘s most important and joyful feast, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Putin wrote, “Easter gives joy and hope to millions of people, it inspires us to good deeds and noble aspirations. It turns us to fundamental spiritual values that played a special role in Russia’s history and which feed the national culture”. Putin also praised the role of the Orthodox Church in maintaining civil peace and accord in Russia and developing inter-confessional and inter-ethnic dialogue, saying, “The Church continually takes a care to strengthen high moral and ethical ideals and family traditions in society, and in raising the younger generation. The Church does a lot to solve pressing social problems”.

The influence of the Orthodox Church in Russia has risen since the collapse of the USSR, despite the fact that the Russian Constitution mandates separation of church and state. A public opinion survey conducted by the Kremlin-backed pollster Public Opinion Foundation (FOM) last year showed that 65 percent of Russians have confidence in the Church.

Early on Sunday, Putin and Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev attended Easter services in downtown Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour as Russia celebrated Christianity’s most important and joyful holiday. Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias, the First Hierarch of the Local Church of Moscow, led the service. In his sermon at the Divine Liturgy, the patriarch cautioned against interpreting freedom as permissiveness, and he called believers to follow spiritual rather than material values in their lives.

The Resurrection of the Saviour symbolises his victory over sin and death and the birth of a new world redeemed by his Passion. After midnight and for the next 40 days after Easter Sunday, Orthodox Christians greet each other with “Christ is risen!” and the reply is “He is risen, indeed!” followed by three kisses. They also exchange Easter eggs. Preparation for Easter celebrations begins in Russia on Holy Saturday… the last day of Holy Week, also known in Russia as Passion Week. On that day, people come to churches in great numbers to have paschal cakes and eggs blessed by priests. The Easter Divine Liturgy starts shortly before midnight. At midnight, a solemn festive procession with crosses and icons starts, with priests and believers going around the church glorifying the Resurrection. Nonbelievers attracted by its splendour often attend the procession. The service lasts into the early hours of Sunday.

5 May 2013



Greetings from President Lukashenko to the Orthodox Christians of Belarus

00h Easter 2012. foods


Dear compatriots,

I wish you Happy Easter. For the entire Christian world, the Resurrection of Christ is the main symbol of self-sacrifice and unconditional love. Easter encourages believers to think about the purpose of human life, and to embrace eternal values based on kindness, mercy, and compassion. On this bright spring day, everyone does their best to take good care of their families and friends, share the joy of the holiday, and give the warmth of sincere relations. Easter unites people; it inspires them to creative labour and new achievements for the benefit of the Fatherland. Let the Resurrection of Christ fill your hearts with faith and hope, and let it bring peace and understanding to your homes. I cordially wish you good health, success, fulfilment of your most cherished dreams, happiness, and wellbeing.

01 Alkeksandr Lukashenko4 May 2013

Aleksandr Lukashenko

President of Belarus


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