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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

14 May 2013. Buzz on the Upcoming St T’s Memorial Day Pilgrimage

00 OCA Going Down. 14.05.13


Sources tell me that Fr Sergius Bowyer said that St T’s might have liturgy outside at the bell tower like the old days at the Pilgrimage. Perspirin’ minds wanna know… is he trying to get back the Hunkies who’ve stopped coming? Y’ know… selling only cheap-ass carnival food at the event hasn’t helped attendance… people don’t want deep-fried pickles or Italian sausages… they want kielbasa, galoompkies, and pierogies (American Slavonian misspelling intentional… spiedies from Sharkey’s would be welcome, too)! Hey, this IS the Valley, after all…

In related news, the buzz has it that now ex-Deacon Michael Pasonick is out of the slam (he got nicked for bribery), he wants to be reinstated as a deacon. Talk has it that beaucoup bucks are involved… not only does he want the deposition from the diaconate lifted, he wants to be ordained to the priesthood, too! Hmm… is this brazen ex-con gonna serve at the Memorial Day shindig? Things are certainly not boring in the slo-mo disintegration of the OCA


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