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Monday, 20 May 2013

20 May 2013. It’s STILL the Easter Season!

00 Cossack Christ is Risen. 20.05.13


The Easter season stretches on to Pentecost, which falls on 23 June this year. That means that we have another month left in the festal time… hey, if we keep the Easter Lent for all forty days, then, it stands to reason that we should keep all fifty days of the Easter feast. God did NOT intend us to walk about with long faces and be insufferable misery-guts to all about us. Christ is risen! That’s what our religion is all about… not rules… not crusades… not marches… not politics… but Christ is Risen! It was good enough for baba and dede, it’s good enough for me…

Христосъ воскресе!

Воистинну воскресе!



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