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Saturday, 25 May 2013

25 May 2013. Curious Rumour Floating Out There About JP

01 JP Fathausen... Paffhausen

They ask me, “Is it true?” I know as much as you do… NOTHING… be patient and wait…


There’s a curious rumour floating out there. I’ve heard (from several sources) that “JP has gone to the Antiochians“. There’s no detail other than that, a couple of the Cabinet members have asked me what I’ve heard on it. That’s ALL that’s “out there”, so, we’ll all just have to wait n’ see. If this is so (iffy, at best, I’d say), it’d be the first major blunder on the part of Philip Saliba. No doubt, JP will cause more upset until he “goes (not so) gently into that dark night”. The chances of him founding a vagante konvertsy candy store are good, I’d wager… they never were “one of us” in soul to begin with. God do watch over and protect us…




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