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Sunday, 26 May 2013

26 May 2013. Unhinged Nonsense from an Overeducated Idiot: “Is There Lent After Lent?”

05l Patriarch Kirill Oncology Visit Easter 2011

THIS is what Easter‘s all about… Mr Kostoff should get his nose out of the books and into REAL LIFE…


Firstly, here’s the piece I’m slicing and dicing. The whole premise of it is ridiculous and thoroughly un-Orthodox. Then, I noticed that the overeducated nudnik who wrote it works for the papists and takes their shilling. The whole ethos behind this screed is papist to the bone… it’s not Orthodox in the least. This is one of the problems facing us as a minority confession on the American and Canadian scene. There’s always a temptation to kiss up to papists or Proddies in order to gain a salaried position (usually, as the “token” house-nigger Orthodox faculty-member).

There’s NO “Lent after Lent”… you boob. Easter follows Lent. Feasting follows abstinence, joy follows reflection. That’s clear even to the simple… but it seems to evade the educated… especially, those educated under heterodox auspices or those working for the heterodox (who have to pay (at least) lip-service to the heresies of their employers). Lenten reflection should lead to Easter joy… it sure did, in my case. We went to Easter liturgy at Jordanville, and it was WONDERFUL. I didn’t engage in any semi-papist “soul-searching”… I let the Easter Spirit carry me away.

This guy shouldn’t publish such pseudo-intellectual dreck in an Orthodox venue. However, as one of the Cabinet observed about the OCA:

In re Schmemann and the OCA, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”.

I fear that Mr Kostoff imbibed too much of Schmemann and too much of the papist claptrap that he works amongst… in short, an overeducated and underwhelming dweeb. He needs at least two years in a real parish full of Old School Metropolia sorts… that’d learn him good. However, I doubt that’ll happen… well, they do say that God helps drunks and fools…



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