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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Russian House “Rodina” Opens Park of Glory in USA

00 Gogol monument in Poltava. 26.05.13

Monument to Nikolai Gogol in Poltava (Poltava Oblast) THE UKRAINE


The grand opening of a unique Park of Glory takes place on 26 May in Howell NJ. The park contains 28 monuments to prominent Russian cultural and historical figures:

The park is on the grounds of the Russian House “Rodina”, which came up with the idea for the Park of Glory. Two days before, on 24 May, Russian House “Rodina” launched a two-week-long celebration of Russian culture with a reception devoted to Slavonic Literature and Culture Day in memory of Ss Kirill and Mefody, Equals-to-the-Apostles, Teachers of the Slavic Peoples. Celebrations are set to continue until 8 June.

26 May 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

There are NO Soviet figures in this list (save for two “dissidents”)… they should’ve included (at the very least) the rocket pioneer Tsiolkovsky, the leader of the victorious VOV armies Zhukov, the father of cosmonautics Korolyov, the first cosmonaut Gagarin, the writer Simonov, and the composer Shostakovich. If they included Pyotr Veliki, they had an obligation to include Lenin and Stalin, too (none of these three were much to write home about in a religious sense, but all were great figures in Russian history, like it or not). In short, this smells to me of “White Revisionism”… I wonder how many of those linked with this project have family ties to the Vlasovtsy and KONR? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…

I am AGAINST “whitewashed” or “airbrushed” history of any sort, Right or Left… this reeks of such, I’m afraid. This has the ordure of the First Family Lukianov clan about it, too. Give me the whole banana, warts n’ all… otherwise, it’s a lie. Reflect on that one… it’s a meaty bone to gnaw upon.


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