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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

OCA Deep in the Red… How is it going to Pay off Fathausen without Harming Its Ministry?

01 burning money


One of the Cabinet reported simply:

Valerie Ringa [OCA/SVS Treasurer] reported that the OCA has a deficit of about 141,000 USD (4.55 million Roubles. 106,000 Euros. 90,000 UK Pounds)… I think it’s time to turn out the lights and go home.

If such is so, the OCA has no money to give El Gordo without cutting it out of somewhere FAR more important. Indeed, what I heard is that JP shall receive 36 Gs (1.16 million Roubles. 27,000 Euros. 23,000 UK Pounds) a year… where it’s coming from? It tells you volumes about Fatty and his konvertsy claque, doesn’t it? It also tells you much about Tikhon Mollard’s lack of grit and character. None of it’s good, I’ll say…




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