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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pope Francisco Criticises “Savage Capitalism” On Visit to Food Kitchen

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On Tuesday, Pope Francisco Bergoglio criticised what he called “savage capitalism” on a visit to a food kitchen, in an address in which he called for the revival of the values of generosity and charity, saying, “A savage capitalism has taught the logic of profit at any cost, of giving in order to get, of exploitation without thinking of people… and we see the results in the crisis we are experiencing”. Francisco greeted the men and women coming to the “Gift of Maria” food kitchen, located at the walls of the Vatican. The first non-European pontiff in centuries, the Argentine-born pope last week called for financial reform, condemning a “dictatorship of the economy” and a “cult of money”. Francisco has set a simpler style for the papacy since taking office in March, shunning traditional ornate garments, and living in a guesthouse instead of the Apostolic Palace. He said that he wants the 1.2-billion-member Catholic Church to defend the poor and to be more austere itself.

21 May 2013

Naomi O’Leary



Editor’s Note:

There’s no joy in Mudville… actually, no joy in the District and its suburbs. You see, HH AGREES with Pope Francisco on the topic of capitalism. That is, the leaders of the two largest Christian bodies on the planet see eye-to-eye on the subject of DAS KAPITAL (and its soulless grasping votaries and devotees). They’re both LEFTISTS! They both DISAGREE with Paffhausen, Potapov, Mattingly, and Dreher… indeed, they make it clear that these American gents aren’t only wrong, they’re purveyors of an evil and putrid ideology of greed and godless pride.

As for us Russian Orthodox people, let’s remember Baba and Dede (and how they struggled for what’s right and true and just)… nothing more need be said…


Some Vox Pop from the Cabinet:

“I remember my baba going after Metropolitan Leonty because she was worried her grandchildren would leave the Church if the services were only in Slavonic. The convert scum these days don’t know anything about anything”.

‘Nuff said…



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