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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Storheim Pleads Not Guilty in Winnipeg Court

01 the judge


Let’s keep this one short n’ sweet. Click here for all the gory detail on Seraphim Storheim’s first day in court. Note well that the GOAA made a similar case go away tout suite by making the plug-ugly cop a plea. This is another sign of the malaise at the centre of the OCA… both Fathausen and Mollard couldn’t make Storheim cop in order to spare the Church a long, ugly, expensive, and unedifying spectacle. This is one case where Mollard’s passivity and timidity is going to cause grievous wounds to the OCA structure. At present, the OCA needs time to heal after shitcanning El Gordo. This will ensure that won’t happen. However, Sobor participants assure me that this is actually the least-harmful outcome. That’s something to ponder… Mollard’s no prize, but he’s no Dahulich or Peterson either… what times we live in, no?




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