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Friday, 14 June 2013

14 June 2013. Good Sense From the Cabinet

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One of the Cabinet wrote me:

Where does one find one of Jacobses’ “progressively-captive” churches? I might want to attend Divine Liturgy there!

Indeed! Raise a glass and cheer! There’s still a good deal of Old-School feisty grit left in the Church. I do daresay that Jacobses forgot (or never learned) that St Aleksei Toth BLESSED the Wobblies! I’m handing out the AKs, machetes, RPGs, and axe handles out back. Git here before they’re all gone!



Gosduma Deputy Sez American Chemical Weapons Report in Syria “Fabricated”

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On Friday, RF Gosduma Deputy Aleksei Pushkov, head of the RF Gosduma International Affairs Committee, stated that a US government report concluding that Syria used chemical weapons against rebels, crossing what US President Barack Obama has previously described as a “red line”, is a fabrication. He posted on Twitter, “Information about the usage of chemical weapons by [Syrian President Bashar al-] Assad is fabricated in the same way as the lie about [Saddam] Hussein‘s weapons of mass destruction [in Iraq]”. US intelligence reports presented to the UN and the international community prior to the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 claimed Saddam Hussein’s régime possessed weapons of mass destruction including nerve agents, ballistic missiles, and a nuclear weapons programme. The USA claimed the threat posed by those weapons justified the invasion of Iraq, but after the country was occupied, the alleged weapons of mass destruction were never found. Pushkov said that President Obama “is going the same way” as former President George W. Bush did then.

On Thursday, the White House said that it now believes with “high confidence” that Syrian government forces used chemical weapons many times during the two-year conflict there, and vowed to boost American aid to the armed opposition fighting to remove Assad from power. White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said Obama had decided to provide further support, including military support, for Syrian opposition forces as a result of its conclusion that government forces has used such chemical weapons. Rhodes declined to clarify whether this support would entail providing arms to the Syrian opposition, but he said that American aid to armed opposition on the ground would differ greatly “in scope and scale” from assistance Washington had previously provided to the rebels. Rhodes said that the American goal is to “strengthen their effectiveness”. Syrian government officials have accused opposition forces of using chemical weapons against President Bashar al-Assad’s military in a March attack in outside of the northern city of Aleppo. Some 93,000 people are believed to have died since fighting broke out between Syrian government forces and rebels in March 2011, according to the latest UN figures.

14 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

Let’s keep it simple. Both political factions in the USA support the anti-Orthodox side in the Syrian Civil War. Russia and China support the pro-Orthodox side. The konvertsy support the anti-Orthodox side; HH supports the pro-Orthodox side. Any questions?



Priest Walked Around House Naked, Trial Hears

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A man who alleges he was sexually abused by an Orthodox priest almost 30 years ago said the man would regularly walk around his house naked and usually spent breakfast time lying on the floor holding his genitals. The man, who can’t be named because of a publication ban, told the trial of Seraphim Storheim he was shocked to see the priest naked. The man, who was 11-years-old at the time, testified today, “Seeing a naked man (for the first time) was quite disturbing”. Storheim is charged with two counts of sexual assault involving two brothers during the summer of 1985. He pleaded not guilty to the charges when the trial began Monday morning. Today, Storheim is an OCA archbishop, which has historical ties to the Russian Orthodox Church. He was the most senior cleric of his church in Canada when the charges were laid in the fall of 2011, holding the title of Archbishop of Ottawa and all Canada, but was subsequently suspended from that post pending the outcome of the criminal charges and an internal church investigation.

The man said he and his brother… who testified Monday… separately visited with Storheim in the summer of 1985 and stayed at his home. The man said he was surprised when Storheim came into his bedroom at night and wanted to inspect his pyjamas for semen stains and also examined his genital area for pubic hair. The man said Storheim told him he was conducting sexual-education sessions for the young boy, who was being raised by a single mother. The man said, “At this point, I didn’t know what was wrong or what was right”. The man said that he never told his mother about the incidents and tried to block them out of his mind. However, he said that he confided to his mother what happened when his brother hysterically called home on a daily basis during his visit to Storheim, suspecting his brother was being subjected to the same sexual abuse. The man said that he never again talked about the incident and never discussed it with anyone until almost 20 years later. The sight of another priest in 2004 who bore a striking resemblance to Storheim prompted him to see a counsellor and to write about what happened to him. He said that another OCA priest contacted him in 2009 to apologise for not taking his concerns seriously when he was a child. The man credited that priest with encouraging him to contact police. The man said, “If it wasn’t for (the second priest), we wouldn’t be here today”. When questioned by defence counsel Jeff Gindin, the man conceded his recollection of many of the events from 28 years ago is hazy, but he insisted he was clear on what Storheim did to him in 1985. The second priest is expected to testify Wednesday morning.

11 June 2013

Aldo Santin

Winnipeg Free Press



White Deaths Exceed Births in USA for First Time

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Deaths among white people in the USA exceeded births for the first time last year, census data released Thursday indicate, in what the Washington Post described as a “surprising” first for the country. This net “natural” decline in the white population was offset by immigration of white people from several countries, including Russia, resulting in slight overall growth of the white population, the Post said in an article analyzing the data released by the US Census Bureau. According to the census data, around 12,400 more white people died in the USA over the past year than were born, a phenomenon the paper described as a “surprising slump” that appeared more than a decade earlier than the predicted start of a gradual, steady decline in the white population in the USA. The Post quoted William Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution think-tank, as saying of the numbers, “We’re jumping the gun on a long slow decline of our white population, which is going to characterise this century”.

In a statement, the census bureau also noted that Asians were the fastest-growing race or ethnic group in the American population last year. The Census Bureau said the Asian population in the USA rose by 530,000 people, or 2.9 percent, to 18.9 million. More than 60 percent of that growth was the product of international immigration. The Post cited several factors for the decline in white births, including a trend for women of all races who have college degrees to delay marriage and childbearing until at least their late 20s. It said white women are “far more likely” to be childless than are Hispanic or African-American women.

13 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

Note well how the rightwing is silent on the American demographic crisis. It scares them and chills them to the bone… it’s why the teabagger nutter Jim DeMint resigned his Senate seat. He stated that the GOP couldn’t rely on white fear and anger forever… and he’s right. The present Republican rhetoric is going to come back to haunt them… in spades. Do note that the konvertsy all spout the Republican racist drivel… note it and oppose it. That’s what God expects of us…


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