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Saturday, 15 June 2013

15 June 2013. Midwest Calming Down After Booting Out Moriak

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Got this from one of the Cabinet:

It’s sure been quiet in the OCA Midwest. I can’t tell you how welcome that is. I don’t know what’s going on, but the diocesan website hasn’t had an update since the end of Lent. From all accounts, Golitzin’s taking care of some things neglected during the Moriak mess. The OCA parishes I know are in the midst of the usual summer rounds of weddings, outdoor work days, and parish picnic planning. No drama, unless it’s from a bride when something goes wrong. Some things don’t change and I’m very grateful for that.

That’s GOOD NEWS, kids… it means that Golitzin is doing things the Old School Metropolia way, the way they’ve always done things in those parts. He’s not ordering people about or issuing bombastic ukases… no! He’s takin’ care of business the old-fashioned way… something that’s good to see. The OCA took a wrong turn under Schmemann and Meyendorff… now, it’s time to go back to the old true path and go home. This could be an earnest of that. Good on Alexander Golitzin.

If there’s good news, I’ll report it, and gladly. I’ll NOT cheerlead, but I’ll report the good as well as the bad. In short, I’ll never kiss ass, but I’ll be there to give out an attaboy, if it’s deserved. It’s deserved in this case. As I said, good on Bishop Alexander. May all the others get the hint…



A View from Moscow by Valentin Zorin… Spy Scandal: Anything Goes

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Old-School Spy Mania

Sergei Yolkin



The recent seizure of a Moscow-based CIA spy who was caught trying to recruit a Russian as an agent received wide publicity in the press. Media outlets quickly picked up the story of the CIA agent’s clumsy work, but dropped it several days later after sneering at the white wig, the dark glasses, and other spy paraphernalia found on the scene. However, the most important fact regarding this ugly incident… the one that deserves particular attention… was missing from media reports. That was the time chosen by the unfortunate agent’s bosses for the operation. Shortly before the arrest of Ryan Fogle, US Secretary of State John Kerry handed President Putin a letter from US President Barack Obama. Putin’s reply was ready and his representative was ready to deliver it to the White House. Thus, the scandal broke at a time when political circles in Russia and the USA were busy discussing forthcoming meetings of Presidents Putin and Obama, which could bring a “whiff of fresh air” to rapidly deteriorating Russia-US relations. The spy scandal came right out of the blue, concocted right on the spot, and was ostensibly at odds with the emerging thaw in bilateral relations. This could hardly be a coincidence!

Evidently, some influential groups in Washington disapprove of President Obama’s tentative attempts to bring back the “reset”. As if by magic, domestic political scandals directed against the president have become particularly frequent recently, replacing one after another at an alarmingly fast pace. In a recent development, President Obama fired Steven Miller, the head of the Internal Revenue Service, over a high-profile scandal. Miller was one of the key figures in the US administration; he was a close presidential adviser. After the media reported that phone conversations of Associated Press employees were being hacked and someone was eavesdropping on them, the far-right press was quick to draw a parallel with the infamous Watergate scandal, which began with reports of interceptions of phone conversations and ended with the resignation of President Nixon.

However, this was not enough for the masterminds of anti-presidential scandals in the USA. As a result, they’ve brought old reports about the killing of the US ambassador in Libya back to newspapers and TV news. Republican leaders used the killing in an attempt to manipulate public opinion to prevent Obama’s reelection to a second term. Nonetheless, since then, even though there’s been no new information regarding the case, they’re using it again, to escalate their campaign against the president. Bogged down in political bickering, Washington’s ruling élite is obstructing the resolution of important political issues to the detriment of their country’s national interests. A turn for the better in US-Russia relations left the leaders of the military-industrial complex scared of losing their main asset… the so-called “image of a foe”, which is a source of hefty profits for the “Cannon Kings”. When profits are at stake, all means are good as long so they serve the purpose. Even the catching of a small-fish of an agent roaming the streets of Moscow in a white wig will do.

00 Valentin Sergeyevich Zorin. 26.04.131 June 2013

Valentin Zorin

Voice of Russia World Service


15 June 2013. What the Storheim Trial is Doing to Us…

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One of the Cabinet said:

That Storheim trial is just sickening… creepy… I wonder who knew what and when? Why can’t JP just go away? Far, far, away…

That’s why the GOAA was wise in making the perv priest in the Midwest cop a plea. It’s over… it’s done… it’s doing no more damage to the credibility of the GOAA. What the OCA needed was for Storheim to cop a plea at the outset. A Canadian friend told me that SOP in such cases is that there’s no prison time… but there’s a guilty plea on record to a lesser offence, making it impossible for a former employer to use them in a position of public trust. Actually, it’s the best for all concerned. There’s no long public legal wrangle… besides being inordinately expensive, such affairs always lead to all sorts of sordid detail leaking out. The OCA’s cred is tarnished… no matter what outcome there is of the actual trial.

Here’s the problem. So far, Syosset has dodged all bullets, either through “confidential settlements” (“We admit no wrongdoing”) or through circumstantial luck (convincing a judge that priests aren’t agents of the OCA (even though all parishes must collect and forward funds to the Syosset mafia and its apparat) or a plaintiff dropping dead). To put it bluntly, the OCA’s cred was marginal to begin with… the details emerging of Storheim’s proclivities are now moving faster than the speed of light. Even if the OCA wins on a technicality (its only slim hope), the testimony is “out there”, and there’s no confidential settlement to cover them.

Tikhon Mollard had the responsibility to force Storheim to walk the plank for the good of the Church. Had he done so, there would’ve been a hell-of-a-smell for a little while; some would’ve vilified Mollard as a bully, some would’ve accused him of blackening Storheim’s name. Nevertheless, none of the testimony that came forth in the trial would’ve seen the light of day. That particular Pandora’s Box would’ve been shut. Tikhon Mollard has inherited the worst of all possible worlds by allowing Storheim’s trial to go public. Firstly, much money has been wasted on lawyers. The OCA is flat-busted to begin with, and Storheim’s legal bills don’t help that situation. Secondly, even if Storheim “wins”, Mollard “loses”, for it appears that Mollard didn’t have the grit to force an inconvenient subordinate to “man up”. Thirdly, the fact that two OCA priests were willing to testify in open court against Storheim shows that the rank n’ file clergy are, at least, not willing followers of Syosset (and Mollard hasn’t reined in Lyonyo, Tosi, Jillions, or Hatfield). In short, Mollard’s facing a gigantic shit sandwich, and he’s gonna have to eat it all in the presence of all comers.

One of the priests that I talked to at St T’s was very clear. He felt that Mollard was going to mess up badly in re Storheim… but that was the best outcome that was on offer. No one expects Mollard to do anything inspiring or visionary. However, he’s not a Peterson, who has a “past”, nor is he a Dahulich, who’s probably the most quasi-papist of all the bishops (he did get his PhD from a papist school, after all). As several clergy have made it very clear to me, since Mel Pleska’s too ill for the white hat, it was Mollard, or it was the two previously-named gents. No one has high expectations of him… which is good, since all that Mollard has to do is not fuck up too egregiously.

However, he had a chance to have kept the genie in the bottle, and he didn’t. Yet, one clerical source told me that Mollard’s passivity was one of the things that convinced many to vote for him. “You see, he won’t go off on wild goose chases or crusades”. There’ll be all too much damage from the present legal imbroglio in Canada, but, at least, Mollard won’t follow it with a moralistic crusade or chase political chimeras. He’ll smile at the babas and spout inoffensive pap at the proper time… and that’s all that’s available. All other options are WORSE… do reflect on that…

God do help us…

BMD barbara-drezhloBarbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 15 June 2013

Albany NY    

Russian Olympic Committee President Pledges Support for Wrestling Bid

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Russian Olympic Committee President Aleksandr Zhukov assured FILA, the international wrestling federation, that his organisation would continue to campaign for wrestling’s reinstitution as an Olympic sport. On Friday, Zhukov met with new FILA president Nenad Lalović in Lausanne, the first day of the Association of National Olympic Committees general assembly. Whilst details of the meeting are unknown, Zhukov “assured FILA’s leadership of his continuing support” to get wrestling back on the Olympic program in 2020, Russian Wrestling Federation general secretary Georgi Bryusov was quoted as saying by FILA’s website on Saturday.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) cut the ancient sport from the 2020 Games in February, prompting outrage in global wrestling circles. FILA… the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles… since pledged to introduce rule changes aimed at making the sport more viewer-friendly. Efforts have begun to pay off as the IOC last month included wrestling on a shortlist of three sports vying for a place at the 2020 Games, which will be held in either Tokyo, Madrid, or Istanbul. Squash and a joint baseball/softball bid are the other finalists. The IOC will make a final ruling in September in Buenos Aires.

15 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

The Olympics without ‘rasslin? That’s like a cheeseburger without cheeseham n’ eggs without eggs… a Polish Picnic without piwo n’ kapusta. Wrestling was at the very heart of the Ancient Olympics in Classical Greece. To remove wrestling is to cut out the very heart of the Olympics. As far as I’m concerned, hey, not only should we keep wrestling, we should bring back the pankration (now, that’d fry the ice of the politically-correct, wouldn’t it?). Look at the other two bids… they’re fuckin’ jokes, kids. Baseball is only played in the USA and in certain Caribbean countries. It deserves NO place at a worldwide event. Squash is a sport of the spoilt affluent effluent, playable only in restricted courts where “non-members” are barred… ‘rasslin is a PEOPLE’S SPORT, accessible to all. Wrestling is popular on all continents, especially, in Third World and Muslim lands (it’s the most popular sport in the Ummahsphere). You can see why the IOC wants to piss on ‘rasslin and replace it with an American or a rich man’s sport. This is just another Western attempt to grind Muslims’ noses into the shit, whilst kicking poor people in general at the same time.

I say:

Hooray for wrestling, and let’s keep it in its honoured place in the Olympics. Wrestling is a global People’s Sport… let’s fly its banners high. As for squash… let the grasping and self-centred rich fuckers who play it rot in Hell along with their idol, Satan. ‘Nuff said…


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