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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Russian Olympic Committee President Pledges Support for Wrestling Bid

00 Squash in the Olympics. No Way No How. 15.06


Russian Olympic Committee President Aleksandr Zhukov assured FILA, the international wrestling federation, that his organisation would continue to campaign for wrestling’s reinstitution as an Olympic sport. On Friday, Zhukov met with new FILA president Nenad Lalović in Lausanne, the first day of the Association of National Olympic Committees general assembly. Whilst details of the meeting are unknown, Zhukov “assured FILA’s leadership of his continuing support” to get wrestling back on the Olympic program in 2020, Russian Wrestling Federation general secretary Georgi Bryusov was quoted as saying by FILA’s website on Saturday.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) cut the ancient sport from the 2020 Games in February, prompting outrage in global wrestling circles. FILA… the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles… since pledged to introduce rule changes aimed at making the sport more viewer-friendly. Efforts have begun to pay off as the IOC last month included wrestling on a shortlist of three sports vying for a place at the 2020 Games, which will be held in either Tokyo, Madrid, or Istanbul. Squash and a joint baseball/softball bid are the other finalists. The IOC will make a final ruling in September in Buenos Aires.

15 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

The Olympics without ‘rasslin? That’s like a cheeseburger without cheeseham n’ eggs without eggs… a Polish Picnic without piwo n’ kapusta. Wrestling was at the very heart of the Ancient Olympics in Classical Greece. To remove wrestling is to cut out the very heart of the Olympics. As far as I’m concerned, hey, not only should we keep wrestling, we should bring back the pankration (now, that’d fry the ice of the politically-correct, wouldn’t it?). Look at the other two bids… they’re fuckin’ jokes, kids. Baseball is only played in the USA and in certain Caribbean countries. It deserves NO place at a worldwide event. Squash is a sport of the spoilt affluent effluent, playable only in restricted courts where “non-members” are barred… ‘rasslin is a PEOPLE’S SPORT, accessible to all. Wrestling is popular on all continents, especially, in Third World and Muslim lands (it’s the most popular sport in the Ummahsphere). You can see why the IOC wants to piss on ‘rasslin and replace it with an American or a rich man’s sport. This is just another Western attempt to grind Muslims’ noses into the shit, whilst kicking poor people in general at the same time.

I say:

Hooray for wrestling, and let’s keep it in its honoured place in the Olympics. Wrestling is a global People’s Sport… let’s fly its banners high. As for squash… let the grasping and self-centred rich fuckers who play it rot in Hell along with their idol, Satan. ‘Nuff said…



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