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Sunday, 16 June 2013

16 June 2013. Can You Tell Me the Way to San Jose… via Kiev?

squirrel spy


According to several whispers, when Mollard goes to Russia (rather sooner than later, I’m told), he’s going to Kiev, not the Centre. That’s interesting! No doubt, HH would be there, which would mean that Mollard would have a photo-op with HH and Vladimir Sabodan, something that HH NEVER gave Fatso. If he’s on the way to Kiev, no doubt, he’d also meet with President Yanukovich… something that Fatso never got, either. Why Kiev? I’d say that one reason is that most of the OCA’s following are po-nashemu Hunkies, not Great Russians. If he’s going to Kiev, is he also going to see (and serve with) Fr Dmitri Sidor in Carpatho-Russia? Now, that’d be a coup! It would also be a way of HH seeing how loyal Mollard is. You see, that’d fuck things up for the OCA with the Uniates… and Lyonyo and Jillions (amongst others) have a rather cosy little arrangement with them, don’t they (don’t forget, Jillions was their bought-n’-paid-for “house nigger”… an “Uncle Tom” if there ever was such)?

Here’s a fly in the ointment. Mollard’s asking people to accompany him, but he’s not funding them, so people are turning him down. That means that it’s not far in the future, and people can’t raise the valuta in the time given. Hmm… that means several things. Firstly, there’s no money in the OCA cookie jar… no surprise, Valerie Ringa said as much. Secondly, the Centre is only fronting Mollard a certain amount of cash, but Mollard (or someone else in Syosset, probably, Lyonyo, Jillions, and/or Tosi) wants a larger delegation to go. Thirdly, unlike Fatso, who sucked up to the Inside the Beltway crowd in the District, he doesn’t have access to outside cash from the usual cast of suspects. Ergo, people are saying, “No. I don’t have the gelt. I can’t raise it that fast. No way, no how”.

We’ll have to see, won’t we, kids. Remember… you heard it first HERE. As per usual, Lyonyo, Jillions, and Hatfield want to keep you in the dark. Reflect on that…



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