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Sunday, 16 June 2013

16 June 2013. Some of My Favourite Things… “Bring ‘Em Home!”

00 US Soldier in Afghanistan. 4 April 2012

THIS is what the Republican anti-life programme stands for… any questions? Bring ’em home! There’s something that you can bank on… the Republican oligarchs’ kids aren’t bleeding for their profits. It’s evil… and all their mewling about “Pro-Life” can’t change it…



Sadly, this is still relevant. Like Pete, I’m no pacifist. If some oppressor, either foreign or domestic, were to come, I’d be one of the fighters, you bet! My Zaporozhian dander would be up, and I wouldn’t be alone! I’d do what I could, you could count on that. Bring our boys home… let no more of our lovely working-class kids die for the grasping McMansion pukes and their profits. If we ended the wars and returned taxation on the rich to Pre-Bush levels, we’d have the debt spent down WITHOUT cutting the social safety net. That’s why I stand proud as a Democratic Socialist.

You can have the oligarchs’ wars or you can have prosperity for all. It’s our choice…




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