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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Pope Francisco Blessed Hundreds of “Easy Riders” and Their Harleys

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On Sunday, Pope Francisco Bergoglio welcomed and blessed hundreds of Harley-Davidson bikers, in addition to tens of thousands of pilgrims gathered in St Peter’s Square for Angelus prayers. The manufacturer presented two of the iconic bikes to the pope this week. The head of the Catholic Church traditionally tours the square in an open-top Mercedes jeep. Cops allowed some 800 selected “Easy Riders” to take their bikes into the square, and more were on display on the road leading up to Vatican City. A four-day event in Rome marked the iconic American marque’s 110th birthday.

16 June 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

From a Left perspective, Francisco Bergoglio has exceeded expectations. He’s come out swinging against crapitalism and the rightwing in general. That means that rightwing loudmouths like Hannes Jacobses, Rod Dreher, James Paffhausen, Victor Potapov, and Michael Dahulich have a dinner of Crow Supreme waiting for them! They’re gonna have to eat it all and LIKE IT. After all, they all claim that they LOVE the Catholic Church! Well, Pope Francisco is its leader, and he speaks for it, guys.

Pope Francisco is a REAL pro-lifer… he opposes abortion… and capital punishment, American warmongering, crapitalist greed, and American global hegemonism. He’s not a posturing phoney like Jacobses, who supports the godless rightwing Acton Institute (who oppose the social justice teaching of their pope). He’s not a paid Stepin Fetchit hireling of the American government like Potapov (he might be retired by now, but everyone knows his ties to Langley in the past). He’s not a mercurial idiot like Dreher, who changes his opinion more often than he changes his gotchies. He’s not a juvenile prevaricator like Paffhausen, who tells people with a straight face that he didn’t say what he did say. He’s not an ambitious twit like Dahulich, who trims his sails in accordance with expediency.

Pope Francisco is the REAL DEAL. He’s sorry for even the small part he played in Argentina’s period of fascism (his actions of the present show that in spades). On the one hand, politically, he’s stellar… on the other, in his support of Uniatism, he’s wrong. However, the Orthodox konvertsy (and their ethnic enablers) scream about how they LOVE the Catholic Church’s stance. OK, guys… get with the programme. Either apologise to the entire Church in public for your support of the anti-life Right or shut the fuck up. There’s no other choice on offer. Watch ‘em be hypocrites… they won’t apologise, and they won’t follow Pope Francisco’s lead. That tells you their worth, doesn’t it? It’s not overly high, is it?

Ease on down the road, Francisco… we’re not on the same road, but we’re going to the same destination. Keep it straight…



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