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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Republican-Led US House Passes Bill To Restrict Abortions… Dead in Water… Nothing but Rightwing Talking Point

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The Republican-controlled US House of Representatives on Tuesday passed legislation that would ban abortions after 22 weeks of pregnancy. The bill, which would exempt women who are victims of rape or incest as long as they first report the crime to authorities {that vitiates this exemption, doesn’t it? What posturing hypocrites: editor}, has no chance of becoming law with Democrats controlling the Senate and the White House threatening to veto it. The legislation passed 228-196, with a few Republicans dissenting and little Democratic support.

18 June 2013

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Editor’s Note:

Watch the usual cast of suspects drool on command over this. This isn’t serious legislation… it’s known that the Prez would veto it and the Senate wouldn’t approve it. It’s a bone tossed by the Republicants to their knuckle-dragging Evangelical base. Watch Potapov, Paffhausen, Dahulich, Reardon, Whiteford, Jacobses, Mattingly, Webster, Dreher, and Freddie M-G all coo that Orthodox should vote Republican because of this. Don’t be fooled… the Republicants are still in favour of a ravening society where the rich would rape us all… they’re still in favour of indiscriminate use of the death penalty, the bootless “war on drugs” and “war on terror”, warmongering in foreign parts, the dismantlement of all labour and environmental regulation, and corporate global hegemony. Satan can quote Scripture and turn himself into a beautiful angel of light. In short, anti-abortion doesn’t equate to Pro-Life. HH has made it clear that the state has an obligation to provide a wide palette of social and family supports… which the swinish and greedy Republicans deny and oppose.

Bite the coin… it could be base metal.



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