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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

19 June 2013. Vox Pop from the Cabinet on the Abortion Issue

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One of the Cabinet wrote me:

Regarding the abortion bill… it’s so discouraging and frustrating to hear the congressional debates on this topic. Yet again, the two parties are absolutely talking past one another. One touts women’s rights, freedom of choice, health services, and sanity. The other advocates respect for life, defence of the innocent, and compassion. How could anyone possibly oppose either? Do you get the feeling that some nuances are being lost here? Maybe, do you think that compromise or common ground is the farthest thing from anyone’s mind? I’m not sure that any of them care much about women or kids. Lord, do help us all.

I do agree. The pols don’t give a rat’s ass about morals… it’s all about one-upmanship and smoke n’ mirrors on both sides of the aisle. It disgusts me to no end. However, the fact that some clerics (and some deluded laypeople) are getting involved in this foo-fight isn’t standing up for “Pro-Life”… it’s becoming speardraggers for the Rightwing.

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