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Friday, 21 June 2013

Storheim Sex-Abuse Trial Adjourned to September



The trial of an Orthodox archbishop charged with sexually assaulting two 11-year-old brothers during the summer of 1985 was adjourned to September. Defence counsel for Seraphim Storheim requested additional time to prepare a defence after Justice Christopher Mainella ruled earlier this week that the testimony of the two brothers could be used in weighing each other’s allegations. Defence counsel Jeff Gindin told court that he’s considering bringing in an expert witness in the fall, and possibly other witnesses. It’s possible Storheim could also take the stand.

20 June 2013

Aldo Santin

Brandon Sun


Editor’s Note:

This sets up the worst-of-all-possible worlds for the OCA. Now, the entire summer will be full of festering speculation… and charges, counter-charges, and avoidable controversy. It’s clear that Gindin didn’t expect the judge’s ruling. He doesn’t sound like the most-competent barrister out there, to speak frankly. He didn’t plan for the judge ruling against him. You see, if he were a competent barrister, he’d know that the best course for his client and for the OCA would be to end this clattering soap opera as soon as possible. No matter what happens, Storheim’s cred is in the shitter, and it’s there irretrievably. Storheim can never again serve as a bishop… that’s that. The only thing that Gindin can do for Storheim is to keep his arse out of the slam.

No matter what, the OCA’s cred is in tatters (worse than before). This adjournment is inane. I’ll say this… it isn’t Lyonyo’s doing. Lyonyo wants this over. He’s a nasty mofo, but he’s not utterly stupid like JP nor is he placidly empty-headed like Mollard. The OCA will still have to bite the shit sandwich… postponement won’t help matters. Shall we have to drain the cup to the last bitter dregs? I hope not…


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