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Saturday, 22 June 2013

The West Despises Russian Patriotism and Christianity and Works Hard to Crush Both

00 Russia. Victory Day. 'Immortal Regiment' March. 10.05.13

Young people with placards of their grand-dads who fought in the VOV. It’s called the “March of the Immortal Regiment”. Patriotism is still in fashion in Russia… especially, amongst Communists and Christians (the two groups largely overlap).


From constant negative press (seems the rule of thumb is three negatives for any one positive) to endorsements for corrupt Western values, the onslaught in the cultural war is never-ending. Be it the blocking of Russian channels by Western cable to the push by international sodomites to run as many offensive parades as possible through the streets of Russian cities to the endless Western support and cheerleading for Islam in Russia, the assault never rests. Any radical movement or event is blown out of all proportion and echoed without end in every news outlet, positive developments (if even reported) are shown as flukes of nature or the results of Russians doing something duplicitous to get it. The West’s war against Russia never took a break; now, it can’t be claimed that it’s a war against the USSR. Many of its top proponents have come out and have flatly shown themselves to be the Russophobes that they are…to the applause of Western élites in general.

Why do they hate us? Because they fear us, because they fear that we stand in the way of their dreams of utopia. Russia’s religious and cultural revival isn’t just perceived as a threat to the Western élites, they also see it as a threat to their control of the whole of Eastern Europe, especially the Orthodox countries. God forbid, it might give Germans or Frenchmen the idea that their culture shouldn’t be subverted by the bland and neutral Anglo-Saxon Corporate non-culture. God forbid, those same Germans or French might get the idea that what they have is worth fighting for. Moreover, God forbid, Russia might, once more, take up her historic role as defender of Orthodox Christianity in Europe and Christianity in general in the Muslim world. The owner of many of the souls of the Western élite wouldn’t be happy. The light of truth shames the Devil and the souls that he owns.

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14 October 2008

Stanislav Mishin



Editor’s Note:

There’s something meaty to reflect upon. By being a Langley asset, Victor Potapov aids the enemies of Russia (and of the Orthosphere, in general). By supporting the American Enterprise Institute, James Paffhausen does the same. By standing up for the so-called Acton Institute, Hannes Jacobses does likewise. By working for rightwing stinktanks, Rod Dreher and Terrence Mattingly also throw stones at our co-religionists. That should tell us something. These worthies (and those who support them) aren’t “of us”… they may be “with us” for the time being, but they’re not “bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh”. Potapov’s inclusion in this list makes it clear that this isn’t an ethnic/convert issue.

Let’s keep it simple. Those who support Russia and the Orthosphere are on the side of the Light. Those who support the USA and the West (and its putrid Corporate non-culture) are on the side of the Darkness. It’s quite that simple… there’s no other choice on offer. Choose well…




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