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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ukrainians Divided over Customs Union or EU Aspirations


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A Ukrainian pollster said that slightly more Ukrainians want their country to join the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan than those who favour European Integration. In late May, the Ukraine signed a memorandum to deepen cooperation with the Customs Union and got an opportunity to take part in its activities, but stopped short of gaining observer status. The Ukraine was reluctant to join the Russian-led body because doing so might prevent it from clinching a free-trade agreement with the EU. The independent Kiev International Institute of Sociology said that about 39.8 percent of Ukrainians would like to join the Customs Union, whilst 36.2 percent favoured European Integration. 24 percent of respondents gave no answer. The survey was conducted on 21-30 May using 2,030 respondents from throughout the Ukraine.

22 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

Are we headed for a “Two Ukraine” solution? That is, the Central and Eastern Ukraine would reunify (in some form) with Russia, whilst the remnant Galician area would remain a rump “Ukrainian” state. That’s not out of the picture, especially, as it would give a buffer-state between Russia and Poland, which would sweeten relations between Moscow and Warsaw (it’s why Russia will probably keep Lithuania independent… there’s no large Russian population there, and it’s a useful buffer-state). In fact, many Galicians would be satisfied with such an outcome. They’re different from Russo-Ukrainians… and there’s friction as a result. Let’s be honest… the Uniates are a royal pain in the arse that neither Poland nor Russia really want to deal with. Indeed, it’s one thing that Poles and Russians agree upon under any condition…



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