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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Antiochian Patriarch Youhanna Slams Failure to Free Bishops

00 Patriarch Youhanna Yazigi of Antioch. 17.12.12


Antiochian Orthodox Patriarch Youhanna al-Yazigi questioned the failure of states and security forces to expedite the release of two abducted bishops. Youhanna said during liturgy at Balamand Monastery, “We appreciate the efforts exerted by the [relevant] states and security forces to seek out information on the fate of the two bishops, but we wonder if they lack the resources to secure their release? We believe their fate is in the hands of God, but this doesn’t [free] anyone from the responsibility of finding out the truth and releasing them as soon as possible”. Bishops Boulos al-Yazigi and Youhanna Ibrahim were kidnapped by armed men in April on their way to Aleppo from the Turkish border.

24 June 2013

The Daily Star


Editor’s Note:

The missing bishops have fallen off the radar of the American news media. Most Amerikantsy have the attention span of a gnat in heat, so, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Of course, Patriarch Youhanna’s antsy… Bishop Boulos is his brother in the flesh. It’s been two months since the kidnapping… and counting…




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