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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Russian Cleric Defrocked After Conviction for Fatal Road Crash

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On Wednesday, the Orthodox Church defrocked a priest-monk convicted on Tuesday of causing a car accident in which two people died. The priest was driving a luxury Mercedes G-Class SUV, which sells new in Moscow for upwards of 120,000 USD (3.96 million Roubles. 92,000 Euros. 78,000 UK Pounds). Cops arrested him the day after the accident. On Wednesday, the Diocese of Moscow ordered the defrocking, and the Church’s top cleric, Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev, gave his approval. Fr Pavel Syomin, ordained as Hieromonk Ilya, lost control of his Mercedes on 15 August 2012, and mowed down three workers on a roadside, killing two of them. On Tuesday, a court found him guilty of a serious violation of traffic rules, causing the death of two or more persons. The Prokuratura sought a six-year sentence for Syomin, whilst his defence team requested two years in a minimum-security prison, but the court sentenced Syomin to three years’ imprisonment.

 26 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

Let’s not be coy… this means that Metropolitan Herman Swaiko was RIGHT regarding Benjamin Peterson. The OCA has an obligation to defrock Peterson (Peterson’s arrogant behaviour towards the coppers was unwarranted)… to defrock JP for abetting Ray Velencia’s suit against a priest in good standing… and to defrock Seraphim Storheim if the Canadian court convicts him of pederasty. This is one of the reasons why the OCA lacks cred… it allows clerics to function who’d be shitcanned in a legit Church. It can help to bring matters up to snuff by defrocking the two first-named clerics, and to defrock the third if the court finds him guilty. Tikhon Fitzgerald defends all three of these losers vociferously (the first two are his protégés, dontcha know). In the the OCA, Syomin would’ve been defended by the konvertsy and the First Families (why, he was driving an SUV… that means he’s RESPECTABLE… just like Tikhon Mollard and his Cadillac Escalade)… but he belonged to a REAL Church, which held him (rightfully) responsible for his actions.

This is too much of a muchness… however, do note what a legit Church does… and note what the OCA does. It turns your stomach, doesn’t it?



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